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  1. FireM3dic432

    Ages of male nursing students?

    Starting the Paramedic to RN program this fall and im 25.
  2. Pay bonuses to anyone who can bench press their own weight x10!!
  3. My fire department had a health and wellness program, and bought 5 memberships to a gym. So 5 people could work out at a time for free from the fire department, we also got to work out on duty. We just placed ourselves "oos" during that time and went back into service if there were ambulances/engines in service. I do believe that staying in shape will prevent a lot of injuries. Too often I hear "my lower back is sore". Most back injuries can be prevented by occasionally working out your lower back and abdominal muscles. Back injuries is also the most common injury, workers comp also loves to fight it (and any other injuries sustained "on-duty"). Also the "health and wellness program" at my work saved $$ in workers comp. Mirrors would be great so I can walk by and check out the striations in my deltoids while I flex. :roll
  4. I'm amazed how many health care professionals are out of shape. If nurses and doctor's don't care enough about their own health enough to go to the gym or run 10 mile twice a week and eat healthy foods, then how much do they really care about other people's health? Am I about to get pounced on? Because taking care of people is their job and they get paid to do it. Taking care of themselves is not their job and they dont get paid for it.
  5. My doc told me my test levels were in the "high" range even for my age Hopefully they stay like that when I get old and grumpy.
  6. Ive been told I should fight but never did because if i got hurt, i missed work.. dont think the chief would of been happy. And now im goin to school fulltime and getting ready to start this paramedic to rn program so im just lifting.. but maybe one day when i have 4 days off a week i'll start training for it, although it would look awkward having a bruised face taking care of patients.
  7. Your deads are ridiculous
  8. I agree its an ego thing for some people, but for me its like working on a piece of art (a piece of art that needs a lot of work!) :chuckle
  9. It made my job as a firefighter/paramedic easier but now that im starting the process towards getting my RN things might change for a bit.
  10. Those are very good numbers btw.
  11. Ive been doing some bodybuilding since I was 16 (24 now) and got my weight from 140 to 195 at 5'8", but ive also been religous with it until the past month. I do some powerlifting during the winter when my bf% is higher.. but mostly focus on hypertrophy.
  12. FireM3dic432

    Firefighter/Paramedic switching to nursing..

    The waitlist at a CC in Dayton is 2years. Im starting from the bottom with gen eds since they were not required for any of my fire/ems courses. The good news is that the program in Springfield is 18mos long, and thats including the gen eds. which im working on now. So hopefully I wont have to wait too long to get started towards my new career, and have to go fulltime.. good thing I got that P-card early i guess.
  13. FireM3dic432

    Firefighter/Paramedic switching to nursing..

    Wow, thanks for the quick response! I never really thought about nursing until I saw one of my buddies over the summer I havent seen in a while. He told me that becoming an RN was the best thing he has ever done for himself. He is a traveling nurse and is having a blast doing so. So I did some research and decided to move towards nursing, I already enjoy helping people and im sure I will enjoy it.
  14. Hey everyone im new to this forum. Im a 24y/o male and ive been a Firefighter/Paramedic for 6 years (3 as EMT, 3 as a Paramedic). Ive been working 24/48s still being considered "part-time". I havent been able to land a fulltime fire job and I have been looking into nursing for financial security and start saving for retirement at a younger age. Anyone in here know of anyone who made the switch, or have made the switch themselves? Im kinda nervous about it, but I feel have a good start in that direction (working with patients, ACLS, PALS, etc) and im currently starting on my gen-eds and hopefully starting a Paramedic to RN bridge in Springfield, OH next fall.