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  1. I am fourth semester student in an ADN program and will graduate in December (hopefully). I was just given my clinical assignment at a very busy downtown hospital in the ED. I requested this assignment because I wanted to see and do the things that I haven't had the opportunity to on the med-surg floors during prior practicums. Be careful what you wish for I guess because now I'm scared to death!! I've never been exposed to the ED at all. I am a good student and have marched through the program with a healthy level of confidence. It isn't that I'm worried about failing the class, I'm worried about failing the patients. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks
  2. malestudentnurse

    My final Practicum is in the ED...suggestions?

    I am in the final semester of an ADN program. I have done very well and have marched through it with a relatively healthy amount of confidence. I recieved my clinical assignment for this semester and it is exactly what I requested...the ED of a very busy downtown hospital. I guess I should have been more careful with what I wished for because for some reason my confidence is GONE!! I have only inserted a couple of IV's and have never been in the ER before now. Any suggestions?
  3. malestudentnurse

    Being the only guy in my graduating class is pretty lonely

    I am the only male in my class and we are entering our last semester. I don't find they gravitate towards each other...they gravitate towards me and it makes my wife crazy LOL. I'm 36 years old and have done very well in the program so they like to study with me and ask me questions all the time. Like a previous poster said...just be funny....it seems to work.
  4. malestudentnurse

    I really really love this

    I have just finished my second semester and am happy to report I earned another B. I am now half-way through the ADN program and can say with confidence that nursing is for me. Its kind of odd that the people who just KNEW they wanted to be a nurse, have been the ones that really don't like it once the hardcore clinicals on a med-surg floor began. I thought I wanted to be a nurse and now I know that I want to be a nurse. As a non-traditional student (I'm 36) and someone who up until Jan of 2007 had always shunned higher education, can't believe the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with succeeding in such a difficult and time consuming program. I have accomplished many things in my life. As a rodeo cowboy (retired) I have won many trophy buckles of which I thought were the epitome of accomplishment and pride. They will pale in comparison to the pride I will feel when after my name comes the letters..............RN!!!!
  5. malestudentnurse

    Does your school do this?

    I am a second semester RN student at a community college and was just wanting to compare teaching styles with other schools. Our professors do not go over ANY material. There is no lecture. On "lecture" days we do case studies that are not relevant to the unit tests or we play a game. I know case studies can be a valuable resource, but how about lecturing on what we need to know. Our last test was over 16 chapters and only 60 questions. When asked if they are going to go over the material we are told to read the book. I'm passing but not by very much. The class average is way below passing. Just wondering if any of you experience the same sort of passive teaching style.