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Of the 23 other students comprising the group that I entered nursing school with, three of them are men. The class that is graduating at the end of next week I believe has 1 male student, and as far... Read More

  1. by   nneokill175
    Quote from k20alchemy
    I started nursing at 19 and I just turned 24 and got my RN license.
    how many years have you worked as an RN so far?
    im 19 and i just started my first semester of nursing, youre my inspiration xD
  2. by   semarj911
    i was 20 when i started... now 21 working...
  3. by   Bob_N_VA
    Quote from A New Start
    53 years old. Started the program in August. We have 21 students in my flight. 5 are male. Only one person besides me over 30.

    I've been surprised how much my age has helped. In the past, I've helped care for 6 parents (2 from previous marriage, and one still kicking) and I've got 4 kids and 5 grand kids. I've had several surgeries, hospital stays, and chronic problems myself. (Hope God doesn't get me back for the way I acted) "Been there, done that" helps a lot.

    School is stressful, and I've had to remind myself I'm not boss anymore several times. Not earning a living bruises my ego, but I'm well married and that helps. I keep putting one foot in front of the other. I've wanted to quit several times already, but coming here helps a bunch. The added humility and patience doesn't hurt me. (Yep, that's a lie) Sometimes I think I drive the class nuts. Hope they get well.

    The instructors have been very patient with me so far. I'll never forget them. I'm a little crusty, but all my teachers have been charge nurses. They aren't scared and they don't seem to take a challenge personally for the most part. If I persist, I believe these people can lead me to amazing new experiences of participating in many healings to come.

    Your age doesn't matter. When you get down, come here and share your experience and hope, no matter what it is. Somebody needs it! Break off your quitter. Keep reminding me of that too. Good Luck! Here we go >>>>>> God bless my Instructors!

    See there? I feel better. I think I'll go get me another bite of fluid/electrolyte balance.

    I'm 53 and will be starting in Jan 2010 in a 3 year nights program. Very much looking forward to it though I know it won't be easy. I've had to take 3 pre-req classes and am going 3 nights a week this last semester so I'm getting used to the academic grind. I'm the oldest in my 2 current classes and I doubt that will change once I start. I'll continue to work full time as long as I can for purely financial reasons, retirement isn't that far off.

    For me, this is my mid-life crisis, my chance to do something different for the last part of my working life. I'm hoping my age will also help me much more than it may slow me down. I probably can be a bit crusty too, but I do my best to keep that in check. I've had my share of body part repairs and probably the time on my feet will be the hardest part to get used to. I'm going to give it my best shot.
  4. by   devons1972
    Started at 24, graduated at 28 and am will turn 38 in March. The average age of a nurse graduate is 28, by the way!
  5. by   Infinisynth
    I'll be 87 this coming January. I'm still working on my pre-req's but I hope to be getting into the nursing program next fall.
  6. by   John--RN
    Now thats funny !:chuckle
  7. by   ljonm
    Im applying for Summer term at FCCJ and I'll be 20.
  8. by   jmanshutt
    I'm 19 and i am an LPN and for some reason all the residents think i am a nurses aid! haha
  9. by   Jshoeffler
    I am currently 38 and taking the prereqs. its too late to get into a program by this fall so I am looking at fall of 2011. By then I will be 40 and graduating with an AAS - RN at 42. That is of course if I pass everything. Somebody light a candle... Several Candles.
  10. by   ICUterry
    lol never too late bud.. i see new grads in 50's that were cna's working at my hospital.. im 24 just turned as of Dec 8 =) woot woot... taking my pre reqs.. this is my second semester.. anatomy micro and english .. ill take phys in summer.. ill try applying for fall 2011 so im guessing ill be 26? by the time i graduate...
  11. by   devons1972
    I hired new nurses who were all across the age spectrum when I was a nurse manager. I graduated at 28 - been a nurse 10 years now. No worries, you can do it!
  12. by   nnicolee
    Quote from jbellamy423
    I am 17 taking prerequisites. I'll be 18/19 when I enter the program.
    me too but i'm a female

    did you graduate high school early as well?
  13. by   dgbruton
    Hey guys,

    I just finished my 1st semester of RN school, I'm 48 and when I graduate in May 2011 I'll be 50. I can't believe I'm just now starting a 3rd career. I wish I had enough horse sense when I was 20 to have become a Nurse back then, but oh well. It sure is great ain't it?

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