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was a junior nurse student

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  1. dariuz

    What is the Craziest Nursing Story You Have?

    oh my good the crazy think was done done by me haha when i done my first injection for my patient that time i am so nervous nothing can"t explain that time haha... second is when first time i do the clean my patient feces but its is a nice expirience ,for that be cool when do the proceder...
  2. dariuz

    last semester... thank god

    work in this area always become buzy than other people..
  3. dariuz

    Ages of male nursing students?

    age is point to become nurse...if you have interst you are invide to joins
  4. dariuz

    Ages of male nursing students?

    my age 19 its ok to start with young age in this area...
  5. i think all of member of my school was accept male student,they all like us nothing was distrub us right now,most important is we all work as a team here