Advantages/Disadvantages being a male in nursing

  1. Alright guys, I've always had this little question in the back of my head. What exactly are the advantages or disadvantages of being a male in nursing? Or is there any advantages or disadvantages? Is there any pay or position difference? If anyone could, i know theres not supposed to be, seperate the different tasks or obligations that do or can exist between the two genders. Basically, does anyone see any difference male and female nurses?
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  3. by   emtb2rn
    Batter up.
  4. by   SteveNNP

    No, there are no monetary/clinical benefits available for men in nursing. You won't get a better/worse job for being a male RN. You may have a harder time getting a job in a traditionally estrogen-rich environment such as L&D, Postpartum, etc ( I work NICU, got hired the day I applied) Well, here are some of the benefits/negatives of being a man in nursing.

    You will be looked to for leadership no matter what your experience.
    You will be the yin to the other 30 female nurses yang
    Face it, you'll be somewhat of a celebrity. (I'm the only guy in Womens/Childrens services right now)

    You will be the go-to man for heavy lifting, nasty-old-man peri-care, squabbles.
    You'll have to listen to female problems around the clock! ;>P
    Your management may not be in tune to the way men operate and respond to leadership. This usually isn't a problem after they learn how to manage a man in addition to their 3o female nurses.

    I know this is random and confusing, but gender really doesn't matter. You're a RN. Your job is the same regardless of gender. Good luck!

    Stevern21 ~NICU/PICU
  5. by   xptp29a
    This is a question about nursing school:

    In your opinion, with all else being equal, does a male applicant stand a better chance at getting into a program than a female applicant?
  6. by   SteveNNP

    Where I went to school (private, BSN)

    "adequate" ACT scores +"favorable" interview = admission

    Grades + potential to practice safe/competent nursing care =
    permission to graduate

    Now, all things considered, some schools may have to have a certain # of "minority" students, which can include race and gender. This depends on the particular school you are applying to.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    We used a "point" system. 10 pts came from college admission test, others were 1 pt per science/math(in 5 years), any AP credits from HS, CNA(which we needed anyways), and GPA only played in figuring order with students with same # of points.
    I got in with room to spare, only to watch 15-30 students drop out this semester, with more to come as final week approaches and failures learn maybe they should have studied for first few tests.
  8. by   wannabFNP
    Back in my CNA class they considered me as "THE TOKEN", since i was the only male left. Our class started out with me and this other dude, who soon after dropped out, so i was the celeb. in more then one way. Our class was a blast, alot of the other students looked up to me in order make the class a fun, learnable enviroment. We all had a great time and learned alot from eachother. I hope everyones experience as a male and in nursing was as great as mine.
  9. by   ewattsjt
    i have applicate to several colleges in central indiana, left voice mail, e-mail, and messages with administrative assistants. no replys. they do however return the calls of the girls that i know that call.

    before anyone jumps to conclusions that i am putting something into it.....i have an aas in surgical technology, a cst. i graduated with a 3.9/4.0 having 98 credit hours and all pre-reqs finished (met with aas). i sent all this info in.

    there is one college that was recently approved by the nursing board that is currently speaking to me and i am now enrolled in their pre-nursing.

    i guess what i am saying is that i see it both ways. working in surgery as a cst you see benefits and disadvantages.
  10. by   SeST
    Quote from wannabFNP
    What exactly are the disadvantages of being a male in nursing?
    Ever see the movie, Meet the Parents?
  11. by   SteveNNP
    Quote from SeST
    Ever see the movie, Meet the Parents?
    OH MY GOSH!!!!!

    If ONE more person asks me this at work, because I'm a guy in nursing, I'll bust a cap in their @$$
  12. by   jov
    Quote from xptp29a
    This is a question about nursing school:

    In your opinion, with all else being equal, does a male applicant stand a better chance at getting into a program than a female applicant?
    I believe this to be the case at our school. Out of 1000 applicants, 70 got in. We have 2 males that are right up with the rest of the class and 4 others that are marginal, consistently barely passing classes. It was obvious that they were there to fill some sort of minority/diversity quota.
  13. by   Scrubz
    Well, I'd say males might have some sort of edge... I mean, if a hospital had a ton of female RNs don't you think they might "want" to hire some men to somewhat even it out? Just a thought..

    Regardless, with the nursing shortage I'm not worried about poor job security. I think it'll be fun being the minority gender. I'm not embarssed by it. I'm a CNA at my local hospital and I'm already the minority.
  14. by   shaazzaamm34
    Quote from SeST
    Ever see the movie, Meet the Parents?
    You Have No Idea... My Parents Call me this All the Time... Last YR... I went out with A Med student... Later on the evening We met up with her parents... All Doctors... Including Brothers and their Wives... And even her extended family...

    As soon as she said I was a Nurse... They were like OOO.. well Thats Neat-0... lol...

    I wouldn't have called her anymore... But she's Amazing in Bed...