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Alright guys, I've always had this little question in the back of my head. What exactly are the advantages or disadvantages of being a male in nursing? Or is there any advantages or disadvantages? Is... Read More

  1. by   indreams84
    Im referred to as the 'boy toy' because I am relatively younger, former USAF, and single. Oh, and since I weight train seriously they just love utilizing my 'talent' hahaha
  2. by   Dre93
    Im in schoo right now, I just hope I can past the test to be certified lol
  3. by   hsienko
    thinking over what may be some tongue and cheek pros and cons of being a male nursing student:

    advantage: can reach the top shelf of the clean utility.
    disadvantage: having to reach the top shelf of the clean utility

    advantage: logical thinking and seeing things in black and white seems to come easier to males
    disadvantages: passing nursing school tests

    advantage: can actually eat a real meal during clinical days without having to do the bird-pecking at a small salad

    disadvantage: most clinicals have lackluster cafeterias

    advantage: can see over shorter nurses
    disadvantage: waiting on an electric bed to rise to a workable level and then putting it back down

    that's about it so far...maybe some more inequities will arise as the semesters roll on by.
  4. by   willowita
    My dad is a macho guy from the old school and when he finished nursing school he didn't go into the profession because, in his words, there were "too many catty women". He said something harsher than catty but you get the idea. He didn't like taking orders from a woman and by then he was usually the oldest student so he especially hated being told what to do by a younger woman.

    Now he got over all that and he went into the profession with an open mind. He has a very strong personality and is a leader so people take him seriously and look to him to lead. This was especially true when he worked as a psych nurse and had to deal with violent people and had frail old ladies as his coworkers.
  5. by   MN-Nurse
    Quote from xptp29a
    This is a question about nursing school:

    In your opinion, with all else being equal, does a male applicant stand a better chance at getting into a program than a female applicant?
    Nope. Not even a little bit.
  6. by   ButtonNose
    I think a major disadvantage (depending on how you look at it) is that the men will ALWAYS be called to help with the heavy lifting and reaching! LOL.
  7. by   locolorenzo22
    guys, make a new post instead of bringing one back from 2006.
  8. by   pedro2012
    Quote from locolorenzo22
    guys, make a new post instead of bringing one back from 2006.
    why, what's wrong with bringing back an old one when its the same topic?
  9. by   Anonymous2
    The female to male ratio is a nice advantage.

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