A "chick's" perspective on Men in Nursing

  1. Ok, so I've been in healthcare for 18+ years (no - I'm not an old bag, I got into the field young...) Originally I was a critical care focused Respiratory Therapist (RCP) and only recently switched over to nursing and am working on obtaining NP certification.

    Men have a HUGE advantage as nurses in a hospital! Here is what I've seen over the years:

    1. Men get promotions faster (Yay for you!) - so that will be a great advantage for you.

    2. Men are seen as more knowledgeable by patients, fellow staff, physicians, etc. - so even as a new grad, you've got an advantage. Use it - act like you're super confident and capable and with the combo you'll be Mr. expert nurse w/in 6 months!

    3. If you're single and straight you've set yourself up as a big-fish in the hospital dating pond! (If you're not straight it depends on where you work on if you have an advantage or not...) Most people end up dating within the hospital (hey, I KNOW this from my experience! a couple male nurses, a few male respiratory therapists, a few doc's...). The Doc's have a certian novelty appeal, but once a gal is burned by one (which is the norm...) they swear off doc's and your competition has lessened dramatically right there. You're also seen as sensitive and caring because you're a nurse. As long as you're also viewed as smart & CONFIDENT!!!!! you'll be considered very appealing to the massive number of female nurses, RCP's and other allied health chicks in the hospital!

    4. There is a reason soap opera's are usually set in hospitals! As a male, you are virtually assured that you won't get sucked into the drama, politics, cat-fights, etc. that naturally occur with so many females around. This usually also applies if you're gay, but not always - if you're a drama queen yourself, well, then you'll be right in there with the rest of the gals....

    5. Because you DON'T get sucked into the politics, most everyone LIKES you - you don't have hidden enemies planning sneak attacks on your reputation or job - super lucky you! This also helps you with the promotion thing I mentioned earlier...

    The only drawback, really, to being a male nurse is the peri-care issues and females who don't want a male caregiver. But so what?!?!?! This happens with us gals also - not as commonly, but it does.

    ONE BIG DANGER!!!! - There are some male nurses, RCP's etc. who get reputations for being lazy - DON'T let that happen to you! Once you've got the label, you're screwed and all the nasty stuff that gals can do will start happening to you (plotting to get you fired, excluding you from important stuff, etc.). Until you're reputation is secured work extra hard & earn the respect of the other nurses, physicians AND respiratory therapists (RCP's will get'cha - watch out!!). Once you're loved and admired you can sit back a bit more and not work quite so hard. BUT - if you're caught sleeping in the dirty utility closet even after becoming the "cool guy" you're doomed....

    If you REALLY want to be a hot item and you're from the UK, Canada, etc. - come work in the states! You get all of the above, plus the added "exotic" benefit of being from abroad!

    So, sit back, don't stress, and look forward to the time when you become the respected, admired, "hottie" male nurse that all the females really dig (straight or gay - we'll still dig ya. Only difference is whether or not we're going to try and set you up with our gay friend or girlfriend...)

    Have fun!!!!
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  3. by   9livesRN
    Quote from kcocat
    If you REALLY want to be a hot item and you're from the UK, Canada, etc. - come work in the states! You get all of the above, plus the added "exotic" benefit of being from abroad
    Does that count if you are from Brazil?

  4. by   kcocat
    Of course!!!!!
  5. by   mcknis
    Bring on the set-ups for a girlfriend! I now have my grandfather in a NH and have began noticing the female staff looking at me not only as a family member, but now as a compassionate male nurse who loves the elderly. I am liiking it
  6. by   godfatherRN
    Love the post, thanks so much! And agree with one day hoping to be set-up and date within the hospital pool of people
  7. by   patrick1rn
    The chicks dig me because I am a male nurse. They say I am compassionate and very caring. I get to meet alot of women, I took one lady to the freaking Catalina Wine Mixer
  8. by   Absolutely13
    Dang! Another study guide to buy.
  9. by   AragornSkywalker
    I has penis. Life is good.
  10. by   wyosamRN
    I've only recently decided to go into nursing- finishing up the last of my pre reqs this spring, but #3 appears to be right on the money so far. Just hearing that nursing is my plan seems to attract plenty of attention.
  11. by   That Guy
    I better work on my game!
  12. by   callmekipling
    Another big danger - you're seen as stronger than women, physically, because as a general physiological thing you probably will be. So make sure you ARE strong before attempting to ACT strong.. just lost a brother in arms to home hospice for this very reason.

    Otherwise, I'd say this is right on the money umpiron:
  13. by   patrick1rn
    I totally agree, there is both physical strength and emotional strength. Im not a touchy feely guy, but I might get emotional when I go to the Catalina Wine Mixer this year.
  14. by   callmekipling
    pat if you're taking a pretty nurse type there, getting emotional may be just the thing.. tell her about your deep and abiding inner pain they eat that up!

    i'm kidding, but hopefully dealing with people at their most vulnerable all the time she won't be the kind to go for John Wayne!

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