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Good morning everyone,

So I just got accepted into my 11-month post-bacc program, and start in January. Now I know that we need our program-mandated scrubs, but I am hitting a WALL deciding what shoes to get for my clinicals. I mean, I know I am going to be on my feet for 12 hours a day here, but what am I supposed to get for shoes? The scrub stores have a lot in the way of shoes for female nurses, but what about the guys? I am thinking about just getting a pair of Nikes, honestly.

Small side note - the shoes must be WHITE for my program.

Any suggestions?

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I love the Columbia Sportswear "Conspiracy" shoe - I have the women's model but it comes in men's also - IDK if it's white or not.

Even if this shoe isn't white - get the Columbia Sportswear "Montrail" moldable insoles - they are the BOMB! I have tried Danskos, Sanita and Nurse Mate.

Generally speaking, if you can't run for your life in it, shouldn't wear it for work. ;)


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Nike shox, or all wear clogs if you don't mind wearing those. I find putting Dr. Schols insoles in your shoes helps as well.


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During nursing school i wore Nike running shoes. I can be bias because I use to work for nike as well :woot: but runners from nike are very comfy.

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At school I HAVE to wear crappy @ss white "nursing" shoes which kill my feet.

At work, I wear tennis shoes. Nike Ballistics are my favorite tennis shoes.


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I got a pair of nikes. They do just fine.


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We have to wear white shoes too. I went with DC Villain shoes and I really like them. [h=1][/h]


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Being all white limits your choices. I wore a pair of court shoes. Ideally, if you can find a pair of slip-ons, you're ahead of the game, because you've got no laces or nooks and crannies to hold the nastiness that sometimes drips off the patients.


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I know this is a bit late for the OP but... I have a hard time finding shoes. I am a 10.5 and EEE to EEEE shoe size. If you need/want a good supportive shoe, brooks addiction walkers are amazing shoes. They come in all white. They aren't the coolest looking shoes out there, but when it comes to having good support for your tired dogs, these are great. I was able to wear mine for well over a year without any change in comfort. After working full time and using them in school, they finally wore out. I went back out and got another pair of brooks. They are on the expensive side, around 110$ online or so.

I have a pair of Dansko's. They were $130 but they are VERY COMFORTABLE!!

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