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making up hours- you may be interested

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by english_nurse english_nurse (Member)

english_nurse works as a renal nurse.

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You are reading page 5 of making up hours- you may be interested. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

madeleine works as a Dermatology Nurse.

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I got elderly medicine twice and Dermo (which was just full of elderly people with foot & leg ulcers) in my CFP, it's ridiculous!

(as written by Balloonatic).

Balloonatic, it seems to me that almost every other thread on this board pertains to British nurses asking how to make up hours in various specialities they haven't done, in order to work in the US. Perhaps a thorough search would help you.

I take exception to your virtual dismissal of elderly care and dermatology as being of no importance. You will find, as you go through your nursing career that the demographic of the countries in which you wish to work is that there are more mature people than young. Indeed you will not be young forever yourself. Also, if you found that dermatology was 'full of elderly people with foot and leg ulcers' then you did not make the most of your placement. The skin is the largest organ of the body and virtually everyone will have a skin problem at some time in their lives. Some of these are acute and life threatening.

Just my two penn'orth. I get sick of young students dismissing elderly care and also dermatology. Both these areas are just as great to work in as the areas seen as more 'exciting'.

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babyNP. has 10 years experience.

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As much as I respect other specialties in their own right, I can honestly say that I would seriously consider quitting nursing as a career if I had to work in geriatrics. Or adults. Or even pediatrics!

Some people know exactly what they want to do and can't stand anything else. I worked as a trauma surgery tech when I was in school for adults and have floated to the pediatric ICU and the cardiac ICU at my current hospital. I hated it. Absolutely hated it. Two year olds are TOO BIG! :lol2: I know that I will never be anything but a NICU nurse and I knew that after the first day that I stepped into a NICU for my senior practicum way back when.

balloon, just remember--this too shall pass. Do the time and you won't have to do it again...

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madeleine, in no way was I dismissing the importance of elderly medicine and dermatology. If you read back the post properly you will find that I found it ridiculous I did two elderly medical placements and ended up on a dermo ward as my final placement in my CFP. The CFP is designed to give student nurses a broad spectrum of experience in the different areas of Nursing, as set out by the NMC. It seems very few universities now follow NMC guidelines, which is abhorrent and before they make the all-degree change across all schools in 2013 I hope to god to NMC, all the universities and trusts implementing the CFP make a big change to give student nurses what they sign up for.

I was in no way bashing elderly medicine. I would gladly work in an acute elderly medicine when graduating, here or in the US. My time in that placement was priceless. I have worked with elderly people since I was 16 years old in college placements and later paid employment before I went into Nursing. Don't assume I meant anything by it. I'm well aware also of the value of dermatology, being a (lucky) survivor of late Stage II Melanoma and suffering with Hidradenitis Suppurativa I've needed 6 operations in the last 5 years for. Thank you for your insight into my incredibly young and naive mind though. I do love hearing the un-judgemental and open-minded views of the older Nurses on the Internet, because after all it was not like I was coming into this thread to ask for help or anything, I was just here to prove myself as not being one of those too posh to wash young'ns.

Thanks babyRN. for your support. I get geriatric medicine isn't for everyone. There were 3 students including me on my first placement which was acute elderly medicine (stroke) and it was a very intense high-dependent area. There was just me left at the end of the 10 weeks. You can learn a great deal about the basics of Nursing and drugs and procedures in this kind of area and I wouldn't trade it for the world, but some students can't see the woods through the trees and thought it was all bedpans and bed baths. First student left gracefully after 2 weeks admitting it was not for her, and the remaining student never came back after our ward was closed for a week due to Norovirus.

Don't think I could ever do NICU or any children's, even if I got children's nursing experience under my belt I'm too set in my ways with adult training now, I would be too nervous. You're lucky to be so content where you're at.

I'm still talking to schools in Boston and two seem to be able to help me right now, I'll post the info here when I know for sure. One school has had contact with 2 other UK Nurses in recent months and talking with other people if they can deliver a program in the future for international nurses that don't have the branched-off hours under their belts. I will post more when I know for sure if any of them can help because I would just be posting false hope if I did right now.

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XB9S has 22 years experience and works as a Registered nurse.

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Morning guys and gals, just a little gentle reminder to keep things civil and on topic please.

Thank you

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