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  1. madeleine

    Accomodation Advice

    Marrsi - where in the UK are you coming to and where are you coming from?
  2. madeleine

    University Interview

    Hello. Have you actually been told you will be asked such a question? Honestly, unless you have been working as a HCA you will not be able to answer a question based on a 'ward scenario'. How could you - you have no knowledge. If such a question were to be asked and you don't have experience already I would say truthfully that I couldn't answer that without appropriate experience. Common sense may be your gut feeling but is seldom the 'right' answer from a nursing point of view - too many variables to consider. In your interview, be yourself. The people interviewing you have all been there themselves (in the interview situation). To admit your limitations is OK to be over confident is not! I wish you Good Luck. Fingers crossed for you :)
  3. madeleine

    making up hours- you may be interested

    I got elderly medicine twice and Dermo (which was just full of elderly people with foot & leg ulcers) in my CFP, it's ridiculous! (as written by Balloonatic). Balloonatic, it seems to me that almost every other thread on this board pertains to British nurses asking how to make up hours in various specialities they haven't done, in order to work in the US. Perhaps a thorough search would help you. I take exception to your virtual dismissal of elderly care and dermatology as being of no importance. You will find, as you go through your nursing career that the demographic of the countries in which you wish to work is that there are more mature people than young. Indeed you will not be young forever yourself. Also, if you found that dermatology was 'full of elderly people with foot and leg ulcers' then you did not make the most of your placement. The skin is the largest organ of the body and virtually everyone will have a skin problem at some time in their lives. Some of these are acute and life threatening. Just my two penn'orth. I get sick of young students dismissing elderly care and also dermatology. Both these areas are just as great to work in as the areas seen as more 'exciting'.
  4. I do think the English exam is essential both for EU and non-EU nurses. For that matter, I think it would be interesting if British nurses had to take the exam too. A lot of nursing documentation I read is barely comprehensible due to the 'innovative' spelling and grammar. BTW, Doctors have had to take an English exam for many years. We can all tell can't we. :) LOL P.S. America and Canada, paracetamol = tylenol (acetaminophen)
  5. madeleine

    Smoking in Unform..unprofessional???

    Actually, I am surprised they are allowed to smoke on site at all. It is unprofessional and makes their clothing stink (although they can't smell it, everyone else can!). And yes, why not ban fat nurses from eating crisps when in uniform - there is an obesity epidemic in this country and healthcare professionals should set as good an example as they can. May the flaming begin...........
  6. madeleine

    Elderly Care ward...

    Elderly care is not that different to other medical wards. Clearly, the patients are more mature and some things such as reactions to drugs can be different in the elderly. I would say the most important thing is to treat your patients with respect and do not forget they were your age once doing all the stuff you do! They are not a different species:) Enjoy your experience and learn from your patients.
  7. madeleine

    blackpool victoria hosp or northwick park hosp?

    Hi. I am very familiar with Blackpool 'Vic'. (and have been since 1989). A very large and busy hospital. They are very much into ongoing training and education. A variety of patients as it is a major holiday resort and also a lot of people retire to the area. They are a centre of excellence for cardiac surgery. It has its faults but overall would be super experience. It is very close to many lovely, scenic areas. i.e. The Lake District, Forest of Bowland, Yorkshire Dales. The nightlife in Blackpool is legendary! Being close to London is not important you know. The UK is a lot bigger than London. Those who live in the South tend to think we are all country bumpkins up in 'the North' - not so. There are vibrant areas within easy reach of Blackpool for shopping etc. Manchester is not far for example. Preston is good too. Accommodation will be reasonably priced in the Blackpool area. Oh yes, the Hospital Social Club is great for a drink and cheap meal.
  8. madeleine

    USA career changer wants to study in UK

    SD - I think silentsiren4 means that she wants to study nursing in the UK as it is nearer France (+ the boyfriend) than the USA. Thus, she wonders how she will be able to work back in the USA eventually. That's how I read it anyway. :)
  9. madeleine

    How do you know if your fit to be a nurse?

    To me, nursing is mostly positives. It is interesting, rewarding, lots of options for different kinds of nursing depending on what you find to be your forte. Negatives - perhaps the unsocial hours and, sometimes, the other nurses! It sounds like a great idea to read nursings texts prior to your education. I would go with the RN program. as I think it will offer more possibilities for advancement. The jobs may appear the same but the RN will have a broader knowledge base and I think some opportunities such as Nurse Practitioner are open only to RN's. You sound enthusiastic and I wish you good luck. :)
  10. No doubt you've all heard about this now. What do you think? Listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 today, it seems a lot are against - both 'public' and nurses. Mr Vine actually said 'do you need a degree to care?'. The general tone of the phone ins makes me think that people still think that our job is bedpans and mopping fevered brows! Nothing wrong with that but why can't people realise that, as in their own environment, equipment etc. is ever more technical. Also, we need to know a huge amount about pharmacology. They expect their doctor to be highly qualified so why not the nurses? I could write reams about the need for nurses to have a wide knowledge base but don't want to bore you :) What I can't understand is why people think that a degree nurse has no practical experience.
  11. What exactly does this mean?
  12. Sorry Ayla but I find your writing so poor as to be virtually incomprehensible.
  13. ibale. I don't know whether or not you have an online application process in Canada. Perhaps you have to submit a CV. However - and I do not intend to be overly critical here - you MUST imrove your written skills. For an application to go to the top of the pile (in my experience) spelling and grammar must be really good. You have to 'stand out from the crowd'. Emphasise your knowledge and skills in your applications. Say how you can bring your skills to the job. Is it possible to submit a CV to hospitals in Canada even though a job is not advertised. Therefore getting yourself noticed. Be proactive, sell yourself. Good luck and I hope to hear you have obtained a position soon.
  14. Byatt - I don't necessarily think you are 'too old'. If you are fit and healthy you shouldn't have a problem. You are clearly capable of the academic side. It may be that you don't want full time work anyway and there are part-time nursing jobs. Not all jobs are physically strenuous either. If you find you don't like it then at least you will have tried and not have regrets about never trying. Really, despite what some younger people think 56 is not old. I'm 56 and probably fitter now than when in my 20's. On the course I did, most of the students were 'mature' and were much more commited and did better academically than the 'youngsters' straight from their 'A' levels. Think about it, when our parents were 56 (or even 40!) they seemed 'old'. Times are different now. Go for it and jolly good luck.
  15. madeleine

    Q.Leave of absence

    I don't know for sure but would not think so. After all, how do they know you will be back? Also, you will have to make up the time missed for which you will no doubt expect bursary payment. No one is going to give you money for nothing. Surprised no students have replied to your question - someone must know someone in this dilemma. Good Luck.