need advice: lpn or rn

  1. Which has a better job opportunity in Maine? I've been a dislocated Mainer due to being a military spouse. I've gotten accepted into a 10 month lpn program AND a 2 yr ADN program. My end goal is to be an rn but was kind of wanting a break from school. I just had a baby. How hard are rn programs to get into in maine? I will be moving back in 2 yrs. Aren't there crazy waiting lists for nursing schools in Maine? Where do lpns work? What is the pay difference like? I feel like since I have the opportunity to start rn school I should do it, if there are waits in Maine. Thanks in advance!
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  3. by   caliotter3
    If you are accepted in an RN program, by all means, attend the RN program. Good luck in school.
  4. by   eab12191
    Thank you. I am just unsure if I should do the 10 month LPN then work for a few years and do RN school in Maine. We would either be in Bangor or the Portland area. I fear the schools are harder to get into in Maine, though. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to choose since I've already been accepted into both. But I feel this makes the decision harder. I am leaning more towards going right for RN, but the only thing that really makes it hard are the clinical times can be anytime, day or night. I have a baby and my husband deploys often so childcare could be an issue. The LPN program has daytime clinicals.
  5. by   Double-Helix
    There are waiting lists for some nursing schools in Maine, the ADN programs more than the BSN. Having just graduated from a Maine nursing program (BSN) I can tell you that there were many non traditional students with families and babies that got through the program just fine. At most programs, you have to option of registering for a certain clinical time (morning or evening) although some are not negotiable.

    In Maine, I would definately say go for the RN. Most hospitals in Maine do not employ LPNs anymore and having an RN gives you a lot more opportunities. LPNs in Maine mostly work in nursing homes, doctor's offices, and home care.
  6. by   Mc2182
    I would absolutely go for your RN. My understanding is, LPN's work in LTC. Everyone in my classes were non traditional students with families so don't let that discourage you from attending the program. They are hard programs wherever you go, but they have to be in order for you to pass the boards. Good luck with whatever you choose.
  7. by   jailhouserock_lpn_08
    I am an LPN here in Maine. I went to Intercoast Career Institute and got my degree in 13 months. However I was in the first class to graduate for there for this particular degree and it is my understanding that they have lengthened the course to make it more manageable ( I went Monday thru Friday for 8-3) I beleive it is only 4 days a week now and you can choos day or evening classes. Also if you choose this route you can work as an LPN while going for your RN. I think all of the RN schools around Miane except ICCI as a bridge course so you can bypass some classes in the RN program. Ultimately I think you should do some research into the 2 subjects and see which works better for you. I went to school when I was 22 and had a 3 and 4 year old. ICCI made it really easy and it was very intimate as they are a small school. I felt like I was getting all the help I needed. LPN's in maine work in LTC, hospitals (although not as frequently), Jails (which is where I work), and Doc offices and I am sure there are othere places ... Good Luck with your decision and I hope I helped a little bit!
  8. by   erinfale
    I was wondering if taking anatomy 1*or 2*with a lab counts toward the required 200*hrs a year as an lna ..and my 2nd*intercoast career schools practical nursing program*located in maine an accredited program by the board of nursing...
  9. by   CJM L.P.N.
    Hello, I was thinking of going to ICCI wondered if you can tell me about your experience, how where the instructors, and did you feel confident when finishing? Also what did you think about price seems awful high! I have been accepted but still unsure. Thank you for your input
  10. by   us5morts
    I went to ICCI. I was warned by a friend not to go but did it anyway. It was awful. The school is awful, your classmates are awful, the price is awful. Luckily I went with a friend so she could keep me from committing suicide on a daily basis and me with her. But I could not get in to a tradition RN program. I could never do well enough on the entrance exam so this was my only option.
  11. by   CJM L.P.N.
    Thank You for your input. I too could never get high enough scores on those damn entrance exams, and this also is why I think I will be going there. I think the price is just highway robbery, I'm concerned for I will need a Sallie Mae loan and I don't think that ICCI is on there list? Did you do a Sallie Mae loan? I will be going in the evenings...So you are obviously have your LPN today...How was the test where you prepared after finishing school there?
  12. by   us5morts
    Yes I had to get a government loan but they always make you pay a large portion while in school. I'm married and have children so only paid about $200 a month but my single friend was close to $400. I think evenings were a better atmosphere then days. Yes I graduated already. You don't even have to study to pass. The last two terms they gave everyone a B. Whether you did well or not. Everything that I needed to know to pass the boards I learned on my own.
  13. by   MSJENNALLEN
    Where is a reputable CNA program. Goal to become LPN.

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