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  1. eab12191

    Rose State College - CPR cert. needed for nursing

    You can take the required CPR class at the votechs around the metro. I took mine at moore-norman technology ctr on south penn. It was split into 2 nights but they offer ones that are all day long 9-5. Just give them a call.
  2. It varies because of the traditional, career ladder option, evening/weekend, and online. Don't quote me on this, but I *think* the lady said there were 20 accepted into traditional. I'm pretty sure OCCC admits a lot more, like 60 something each semester?
  3. eab12191

    CMMC School of Nursing? or SMCC?

    How hard is it to get into this program? Like GPA requirements? Is it a traditional daytime program?
  4. eab12191

    need advice: lpn or rn

    Thank you. I am just unsure if I should do the 10 month LPN then work for a few years and do RN school in Maine. We would either be in Bangor or the Portland area. I fear the schools are harder to get into in Maine, though. I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to choose since I've already been accepted into both. But I feel this makes the decision harder. I am leaning more towards going right for RN, but the only thing that really makes it hard are the clinical times can be anytime, day or night. I have a baby and my husband deploys often so childcare could be an issue. The LPN program has daytime clinicals.
  5. eab12191

    need advice: lpn or rn

    Which has a better job opportunity in Maine? I've been a dislocated Mainer due to being a military spouse. I've gotten accepted into a 10 month lpn program AND a 2 yr ADN program. My end goal is to be an rn but was kind of wanting a break from school. I just had a baby. How hard are rn programs to get into in maine? I will be moving back in 2 yrs. Aren't there crazy waiting lists for nursing schools in Maine? Where do lpns work? What is the pay difference like? I feel like since I have the opportunity to start rn school I should do it, if there are waits in Maine. Thanks in advance!
  6. eab12191

    LPN or RN help!!

    I know this has probably been asked a ton of times, BUT I am gonna ask it anyways. I've recently been accepted into a 2 year (4 semester) RN program at a community college and also got accepted into an LPN program (2 semesters). I have one week until I give my choice to the RN program. They are both good prices, so that's not really a deciding factor for me. Both have high NCLEX pass rates and have good reputations. Which route would be more beneficial? The LPN would be completed in 2 semesters, and then I could work and get experience and then bridge over to the RN program and skip the first year of nursing classes and just have 2 semesters remaining. For the people who have become an LPN first, do you wish you had just gone for RN in the beginning? I guess I'm looking at PROS/CONS of going to LPN first or going straight to the RN. I also have a 3 month old. Not sure if this matters, but putting it out there. Thanks!!!!
  7. deej1--I also got my letter and packet yesterday!! congrats!
  8. eab12191

    At what age did you decide on nursing?

    have wanted to be one since high school. Went to college right out of high school and wasn't serious and failed out of the program I was in and wasted $20k (private college) so now 5 years later I am very serious about attaining my goal. I am almost 24 and will apply to the program in the spring. So if I get accepted the first time around, I will be 25 when I start.
  9. I'm so sorry this happened to you! It happened to me as well back in 2006. I was only in my 2nd semester, though. I was heart broken and thought I wanted to go into something else but nursing has always been on my mind. I am now working on getting my gpa back up in hopes of getting accepted again.
  10. eab12191

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    I need to make more posts before I can pm you! Working on it.
  11. eab12191

    UNE, Anyone?

    How do you like their program so far?
  12. eab12191

    USM Accelerated Program

    Since it looks like you started the program in May, how is it so far? I am a Maine native living out of state and am looking into applying for this program when I move back. I bet it's super competitive though!
  13. eab12191

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    Mommaof3....I got my book yesterday and I actually don't think it's the right one. It says "basic principles" on the cover and I looked up the one I ordered and indeed it does say it in the description. Oh well...it is in the exact condition as they described it but it was my fault for not reading the small print. So...now I don't know what to do since class starts Tuesday for me! I might just suck it up and order from amazon and choose 2 day shipping. Now I'm bummed.
  14. eab12191

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    I bought it off of abebooks.com I just googled the isbn # I think. The book itself was $23 but I paid $20 for shipping it comes out of Thailand. I have bought from this website before. I can look the rest of the week to see if there is an opening in the class..I really would like a study partner! lol
  15. eab12191

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    Mommaof3-I have ******. I did research on all the professors on ratemyprofessors.com
  16. eab12191

    Occc fall 2010 hopefulls.....let the waiting begin!!!

    Mommaof3- I am enrolled in the Tues, Thurs, and Fri at 7am class. I was enrolled at Rose State because it was full at OCCC but was able to finally get a spot. This will be my first class at OCCC and I am kind of nervous. I have been at RSC for the past year. I will prob apply to both schools but have been told Rose's micro doesn't transfer to occc. Not sure if it's true but didn't want to take any chances.

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