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Made the GroupOne list... any help?

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Just found out today I'm on the list...

I have interviewed with 5 HCA hospitals in the DFW area... interviews went great.. got the "you'll hear from HR with an offer" speil and then BAM. never hear anything else... just get the nice "while your credential were impressive we've chosen another candidate." Well, yesterday one HR manager called to ask me about three things showing on Group1... That's the first I've ever heard of this!! I explained the situations and she said she'd notify the hiring manager and see what she wanted to do...

This morning got an email "Thanks but we're pursuing other candidates"... so yeah. I'm not a crook or a felon. Got my first speeding ticket this year. Never hurt a patient or fired for breaking policy... But now I'm blackballed.

Item #1 - two years ago I applied to Baptist in San Antonio - after interviewing and having an offer made I called to decline since I wouldnt be moving there after all. HR assured me everything was fine and I could always feel free to reapply in the future. Know what happened? I got reported as "No show to hospital orientation." LIE

Item #2 - two years ago I went to work for a hospital in TYLER (NOT EVEN IN DFW!!!!!) The night charge nurse had it out for me.. call it personality differences or maybe she didnt want a guy on the unit who knows.. she began writing me up for EVERYTHING she could think of... I kept having to meet with the manager... get coached... etc.. and finally after her making me first admit 5 shifts in a row (with an admit each shift) I got fed up and quit. Didn't give a two week notice. I KNOW now that that was a bad decision... but at the time the conditions were HORRIBLE. Now I'm flagged for "Quit without notice."

Item #3: Worked in LONGVIEW, TX (Again not DFW - wth???) worked there about two months... was driving back home to Shreveport... fell asleep at the wheel and ran off the road on I-20... as I'd almost done many times before. Decided I couldnt do that to myself anymore. I was afraid of confrontation so again didnt give a two weeks notice. I have everywhere SINCE then... just made two bad decisions with two week notice. It's not like i injured a patient or stole narcs, etc. Just a bad decision... know what? Flag # 3 for "Failure to give notice"... so now I'm screwed.

Question 1 - I've checked the current "Hospital Members" list - I don't see any Houston area or Louisiana facilities... does anyone know different? I know Women's in Houston is HCA - but it says only in use by North Texas HCA (ie DFW).

Question 2 - How long does this stay on your report? If they truly fall under the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) then isnt negative information only allowed to stay 7 years as with other credit reports??

Question 3 - How many of you have disputed information? What was your experience? Did they fold/correct info quickly? I consider myself a pro at credit repair (lol I'm divorced) and know the FCRA fairly well - but I also know disputing information is a lengthy process :( My travel contract ends in January and I've already signed a lease for an apartment in Plano with plans of settling here... so yeah. Pretty much freaking out.

Question 4 - Who's had to hire an attorney? I checked PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) and

found suits against them... most of the documents werent available because the most recent suit was in 2001 :( But I did get to see most of the judgements - looks like they all contained "settlement" in them so G1 and the hospitals are apparantly paying for a few cruises. If you've hired an attorney and gone this route what was your experience? Did they fold quick?

Question 5 - If the hospital has already seen my G1 report... do you think I can make it in the door and work through per-diem or contract agency? I mean really... what do they have to lose? if i screw up they can make me DNR... Any thoughts?

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE chime in. I could use any support or help in this matter. Im mailing my request for my report tomorrow so hopefully should have it soon. Then I know disputing takes at least 30 days to hear anything... then if they "verified" it takes another thirty days with a nastier letter and possibly an intent to sue... so I could be doing this well into three or four months.. :( wish me luck.

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I had a friend who was falsely flagged for diverting. They did eventually get it removed, but it took over a year. They are working again now and happy, but it was a horrible journey while it lasted. Just devastating. Whatever you decide to do, know it will be a long, long road. Theirs was a false accusation. Two of yours are factual and you may have a difficult time.

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Which hospitals in Houston do you know that uses it?

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To my knowledge, there are no Houston hospitals using Group One at this time.

malenurse122879, MSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, Pediatric Urgent Care.

The rep at groupone said a couple were but wouldnt tell me which

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If you are desperate for a job and are looking for a workplace that does not use GroupOne for hiring decisions, the most of the Kindred Hospitals use Kroll for background checks.

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malenurse122879, MSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, Pediatric Urgent Care.

Kindred is actually listed as one of their clients :(

TheCommuter, BSN, RN

Specializes in Case mgmt., rehab, (CRRN), LTC & psych.

The Kindred Hospitals in Arlington and Fort Worth use Kroll. Only the Kindred Hospital in Dallas uses GroupOne for background checks.

malenurse122879, MSN, RN

Specializes in NICU, Pediatric Urgent Care.

You said "Desperate for a job" .... care to elaborate?


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