Lyndalous, read this please.

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Lynda, don't you dare give up!!!!! You have worked too hard to get to this point.

Tests do NOT reflect everything, in fact a lot of times they only reflect HOW GOOD A TEST TAKER YOU ARE!!!

You need to get back on that horse and RIDE!!!!! PLEASE, do this. Get that application back to them and let her rip again.

Illegitimi non carborundum

Don't let the bas***** wear you down!!!


Thank you P_RN

I really needed to hear that. I just can't stop from crying. Just tears of disappointment. You know. I have just been by myself all day. My parents just hug me and cry. My sister cries. I have a loving family. But I have been reading all of the posts from all of you wonderful caring nurses. I knew there was a reason why I signed up on this. I want to thank you P_RN and every other nurse out there. I am taking in what you all have to say and I highly value all of your opinions. I am going to take a nice long walk tomorrow, and just pray. I know I have to just have time to take this all in, realize I am not dreaming, and figure out what I am doing. I am not a quitter. I am always so happy and chipper. I am one of those people you hate in the mornings b/c all I do is smile. I think that is what is killing my parents the most b/c they say I am never sad. But they understand and they feel my pain. I am happy I have all of you out there to give me hope and sincere advice. God will Bless you all. I promise to keep you all posted to let you know my future decisions.


Hi Lynda,

I'm so sorry for you but I just let you know that I too didn't pass the board for the first time. I cried and locked myself in the room for three days. I'm so embarrassed to see my family. On the fourth day my husband urged me to visit my mother and I did. When I came to her house we hugged and cried for hours. Then my mom told me that "don't give up if you don't pass this time try again, failure is mother for succeed". I did try for second time and I passed. I think besides knowledge good test taking play a big role. Please let me know if I can help you.

take cares

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Don't give up! I'm very sorry that you didnt pass on the first try. But you can take the test again--I think that you may have to wait 90 days or so, I'd check with your state board of nursing. I've worked with nurses who took their boards 3 or 4 times before they finally passed. it doesn't mean that you are a failure. You worked hard to get where you are and don't let some silly little exam stop you from acheiving your dream. And it doesn't mean that you are a bad nurse or would be a bad nurse if you have to take the NCLEX a few times. Just try not to think about it for a while and please don't give up hope! I'll keep you in my prayers!

Take care!



The next couple of days are going to be hard for you, as with anyone in the same situation. You have to concentrate on your goal, which is being a nurse. You might want to buy an NCLEX study guide (major bookstores sell them) and take practice tests until you retake the state exam. Don't stop now. You're almost there!

Good luck, and you'll be in my prayers.


I sent you a private message and I don't know if you received it because I am not the most computer savy person in the world.

First and foremost congradulations on graduating from your program that is truely the biggest accomplishment here. You are a nurse, after doing that. Soon, you will be able to sit for boards again, and there will be plenty of jobs out there waiting just for you. Follow you heart with what you want to do with your nursing career!!!! Don't ever forget WE NEED YOU! I know you are a great nurse.

One of my best friends, who acutually was my roomate when she went to nursing school, failed her boards the first time around. She too was devastated, she was working at a long term care facility and chose to go back to bartending before retaking her boards. To make a long story short, failing boards was the best thing that ever happened for her, because she took the boards again, applied to an area hospital, (which she was afraid to do right out of school) and now she runs an ICU and is a very good manager and nurse.

Welcome to our profession, good luck to you!!! I look forward to seeing your post in a few months that you have passed and are talking about your exciting new job!!!!!! ;)


Don't give up! I will be taking my board in May 2002 (im a senior in a bsn program now) and i am already scared and nervous! It is hard to pass any test when so much hangs in the balance. let alone, taking a test that will tell you rather you can practice something that you have worked so hard to learn.

Keep your chin up, get a review book, and work on it until you are confident! Test anxiety is real, and can affect your scores! You can do it, we ALL have faith in you!


HI everyone!

Yes I am doing fine now. Thank you Y2KRN I received your private message and sent one back to you. Thank you. You all are so wonderful. When I heard the news I didn't want to come back to these BB's, because I thought it would only depress me....but it has done the opposite!!!!!

I have every review book you could possible have. I reviewed all these books before the NCLEX and I also did the CD rom tests, and I also looked up everything I got wrong. I did the Kaplan review course too. I also went to the kaplan center and did 2 mock boards and they shut off at 75 ques. and said I passed. So I was very confident in this NCLEX. I think that is why I am so surprised why I didn't do good.

But yes, I am going to say shove it to the NCLEX right now b/c I am burned out. I did all I could and maybe I need to be in other areas in ngs. like GERIATRICS!!!! I am a very motivated person and very enthusiastic. I am looking into wellness centers, and I love women't health. I am also looking into taking an introductory Gerontological class. I feel as if I have to do more but I am exploring my areas. I feel this happened for a reason.

Who knows. Right now the world is mine!! I know I am upset with not passing, but I am thinking of different areas I am interested in and I will get back to you when I know what I am going to do.... Will keep you all posted.......

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Lynda, I saw your postings late Sunday night, and had hoped to read today about some good news. I'm sorry you didn't pass your Boards; but there are many nurses who have failed the first time and passed on their next attempts.

My roommate from nursing school had problems taking tests. She flunked out of nursing in our 2nd year, went home and got married; but then went back and became an LPN; and later drove long distances to graduate with her BSN. She is now one of the best nursing administrators I know.

If you want it bad enough; you can do it. Take time to find out your weaknesses; then start studying those areas where you need the most work. You can do it; and you can pass with flying colors this next time if you put your mind to it. Don't look at it as being a failure; look at it as a learning experience that can help you grow in new ways. Sometimes the road doesn't travel the way we want it to; but it still helps us on our journey of life.

We will be here if you need us. Love and peace. Jenny P

Hi everyone:

I am thinking alot of what you all said about giving the NCLEX another shot. I think I am just still in shock and I will be fine in a couple of days. It is only the second day. Well here is my question. Should I start interviewing now and start working on the med/surg floor so I can keep my mind up with my skills, and maybe that will help me on the boards. Since I have been home since I graduated I didn't work and just studied and layed out at the beach. hehe. My parents don't mind. Now I think that maybe I should start start working to keep up the spirts and maybe I could meet some nurses that would help me. Then I would retake the boards Sept. 20th? What do you think. I know I just can't sit around here b/c I will go nuts. And I don't want to get a nurse tech job or CNA b/c I was a CNA through college and I did that for many years. I feel as if I have my BSN now I dont' want to do that.

Well please let me know what I should do.

Thank you all!!!

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lyndalous, i am also sorry about the crappy news. but, you will get through this rough spot. i know of several people that didn't pass 1st time around. i think a big part of that is test anxiety. anyway, i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya :)

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I don't think that you can work as a Graduate Nurse because you have taken the NCLEX and didn't pass. I may be wrong though, check with your State Board of Nursing. I would recommend getting a job on a med/durg floor as a nursing assistant and maybe some of the RN's would let you do things like drop an NG tube or straight cath a patient etc... because you did graduate. I've let nursing students that were NA's do stuff like that because it is good practice for them and helps us RN's out a lot. Not every RN that you work with would let you do that kind of thing but if you worked on my unit--I would let you.

Keep your chin up--all is not lost..Re-take the NCLEX in September. Don't forget there is such a thing as over studying!

Good luck with what ever you decide. I'll say a prayer for you!


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