LVN with Bachelors as a Clinical Instructor?



I have been a med/surge floor LPN for 8 years. I recently completed my Bachelors Degree in Business Management (a BSM not BSN). One of my potential job opportunities is to work as a clinical educator for LVN students in CA. I would not provide Didactic education for now.

I am not experienced in providing formal education. However, I have taught IV techniques and oriented many new RN graduates on the floor. I am curious what other educators thoughts are regarding an LVN nurse educator for LVN students.

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It doesn't really matter what we educators think- it only matters what the Board of nursing thinks. They likely have standards in place.

Likely- you need to at the very least be an RN to teach.


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In Texas the Board states you have to have one nursing degree higher to teach students. Not sure what California says.

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If you are talking about a clinical instructor for a nursing school program you might not qualify without a BSN. I would think the Bachelor's Degree or higher would be required in a related field but I could easily be wrong, states have different requirements. What does the actual job posting say the education and experience requirement are?


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I think I saw the requirements for teaching nursing in CA one time when I was researching a job. As I recall, they were overboard as far as I was concerned, unable for me to obtain without a large outlay of time and/or money that I did not have. I would do an internet search for these requirements on pertaining CA government websites. Another source for at least some of this information might be actual job listings.

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Hello all and thank you for your responses. According to the faculty approval process with the Board of Vocational Nursing and Psychiatric Technicians: for a Vocational School, one must have an RN or LVN and a bachelors degree (any field). (to demonstrate compliance with

Title 16, California Code of Regulations (CCR) 2529 and 2584.)

Additional certification to teach must be obtained within months of hire. I know it is accepted in CA. I was more wanting insider opinions regarding the job.

I believe I would be more intune with the scope and inspirational as one who has direct experience working where the students are headed (after passing NCLEX of course).

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If you are teaching me I would have heart burn if you are the same level. In this case I do not think it would cause any issues as you are an LPN teaching students who want to be LPN's and you have a bachelor degree in a related field. I If this is the route you wish to take I would seek the extra certification and also the BSN.

Your teaching would depend on the objectives of the topic and you more than likely will have goals in which your students need to compete. It is all very linear as long as you follow what you are suppose to follow. I would think you have observational measurements for each student via yourself or by the assigned preceptor.

Teaching is hard it is not just reading out of a book or observing as while you are doing this you must be able to correct the issue the book way not the way in real life people so often do. This is where it will be difficult for you more than likely. What the book says and what we do in real life are two different things. You want to make sure you understand what the topic is and what the book says so in essence you have to read the book before the students do so you are prepared to give answers that are from the book for your students questions.