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LTC facility--how many floors is yours? and

do you take the stairs between the floors or the elevator?

I know it's a dumb question but humor me.

My LTC is three floors. Sometimes I take the stairs et sometimes the elevator. Depends on the mood et sometimes how long the elevator is taking.


Stairs for me, two flights, I am usually in a hurry!

so 2 or 3 floors?

I guess it's 3 right?

Ambition13 specializes in Med/Surg, Telemetry, Hospice, Rehab, LTC.

Ours has 2 floors. I take the stairs whenever I feel guilty for not exercising regularly.

Rizpah specializes in LTC / SNF / Geriatrics.

ground floor - single story, but spread out in 4 different directions

joyflnoyz specializes in home health.

3 floors, I use the steps unless I am carrying too much stuff or something heavy.

I'm also in the habit of when I go up, I turn and go down and back up, and the opposite when I am heading down. My goal is 10 flights of stairs per shift, and doing this gets 3 done on one round trip

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