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Hi. Does anyone have any information/opinion on Golden Living Centers formerly known as Beverly Health Care? I've been getting calls from head hunters and one tells me Golden Living is wonderful and... Read More

  1. by   Jessie71385
    I work at a Golden Living Center. It is amazing! We are a five star home, we were deficiency free this year, and only had one tag the year before, even during a complete building renovation. We have a small turnover, with CNA's, we are the lowest in the district, I think we will always have turnover there though. As far as the rest of our staff, we are all long term employees, I am the shortest = 2 years. And there is the longest which is 33 years. Great place to work for, they have always been very supportive to us. Sorry there are some out there that aren't so good. Glad we're not one of them.
  2. by   Leelee2
    We have a GLC here, knew a resident there and we visited there frequently. Not impressed with the care, or the staffing levels, though the appearance of the facility outside/inside was nice and well kept. Nurse's seemed overwhelmed and rushed imho.
  3. by   CathiP
    [quote=noc4senuf;2913771]The Golden Living facilities in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) consistently are looking for staff (NHA,DON,ED DIR, RN, LPN, CNA) they are always changing. They do not keep what they do get. Their surveys have a lot to be desired. (MN posts all surveys online for the public).

    Same here in Southern Indiana.
  4. by   Havin' A Party!
    Generally, their rep remains negative.

    Two comments I've heard that would tend to perpetuate the issue: they don't hire the best professional staff; and low pay / salary levels (which would correlate to the former issue).
  5. by   geminidiamond
    Does anyone have salary info on this place. I have an interview coming up and have no idea what to expect. I know there are different locations and other factors. If you could tell me at least how it compares to the hospitals in the area. Thanks.
  6. by   wouldntworkthere
    Don't work for golden living - they don't care about their residents or their employees...
  7. by   geminidiamond
    Thanks for the heads up!
  8. by   Platypus
    I work for Golden Living and I think the job is what you make of it. They gave me a job there when I could not find a job anywhere as a new nurse. I was put into a supervisory position without any experience, I was terrified! But there were some very skilled LPNs that helped me get through the first few months and taught me. You have to ask questions and confirm information you are given. I learned who I could trust and who I could not trust. I have been there a year. I have worked hard and the year went fast. I have learned so much about myself in the process!

    There are some nurses that are, for lack of a better description, jaded and cold. Others are kind and very good. Having said all that, I have seen some issues. I think you would see them in any facility. It is a business, and one where the primary purpose is to provide a good service while still being profitable. I know the management walks a tight line and they try to provide a safe and caring enviroment for the residents. Every questionable event is investigated and attempts are made to rectify them swiftly. Residents (and their families) also have to realize that they cannot expect one-on-one service as there are multiple patients per caregiver. We are human and we do the best we can. If you, as a nurse see a problem - you always have the option of calling compliance. When you report to compliance you can do so anonymously. It is one way we employees have of keeping others in higher positions honest and ethical.
  9. by   Chin up
    Cape cod, I have been getting the same calls, every single day, something is up. I have talked to a few souls in MA who work for them and nothing positive so far. I got leery when salary quoted was nearly one third higher. Most of the recruiters were from southern California. That too, gave me pause...
  10. by   TRCCnurse2be
    Platypus....I could have written your message lol.....I too was having trouble finding a job as a new grad and Golden Living gave me a job as an RN supervisor. Like you, I was terrified because I just graduated and was green as could be in nursing. A couple of the other nurses were great, others I think took pleasure in watching me suffer trying to learn on my own. I can't say that I LOVE my job there, but my DNS works with me on my schedule since I am currently pursing my BSN and only have a little more than a year to be finished. I think you make the job bad or good depending on your attitude and willingness to learn on your own. I will stay with Golden Living Ctr because I think with my BSN, I can climb the ladder in the company quicker than as a staff nurse at the hospital.
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