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  1. geminidiamond

    Washington Hospital Center Residency February 2011 COHORT

    I'm curious how you guys that just started feel about the current strike?? I'm supposed to start in April, but I don't know if I feel comfortable getting into a situation where I would have to make that type of alliance (with management or fellow, senior nurses). Do you think it will all be resolved by April? What is the climate like?
  2. geminidiamond

    Golden Living Centers

    Thanks for the heads up!
  3. geminidiamond

    Golden Living Centers

    Does anyone have salary info on this place. I have an interview coming up and have no idea what to expect. I know there are different locations and other factors. If you could tell me at least how it compares to the hospitals in the area. Thanks.
  4. geminidiamond

    In need of child care

    Hi, I was offered a position to work in DC but I have a 4 month old and I'm a single mom. I thought my mom would come along to help, but turns out she's changed her mind. Its at a hospital and shift work, so a regular day care won't work for our schedule. The only option I see is a nanny, but that's super expensive. Does anyone already have a nanny and want to enter a nanny share arrangement? Or does anyone have any other suggestions? Or is anyone in my shoes and willing to watch my child while I work and I watch her child when she works. My unit manager is super flexible about scheduling. Please help!
  5. geminidiamond

    Columbia University ETP 2011

    I'm a recent ETP grad and still have some textbooks for anyone who is interested. PM me for the info. I'm moving and need to unload so we can negotiate a REALLY good price :)
  6. geminidiamond

    My chance to get into Columbia ETP program?

    I completed the BSN portion of this program last May, my stats were very close to yours. Ours was the largest class so far with about 190+. They did say they would cut back because clinical placements were a nightmare. Not sure how much. You should be able to get in. It helps if you go and talk to the admissions office so they see your face, if possible. Good luck!
  7. geminidiamond

    down, dejected, and tired of the cheerleading

    I hear you. I get depressed at least once a week searching and applying for jobs. I'm still not working yet either. I like the suggestions that everyone has made so far. My suggestion would be an investment...look at online programs for a quick way to a BSN, accelerated or RN to BSN. From what I'm hearing, there is a shift in hospitals that want their "magnet" status to only consider BSNs going forward. Just starting a program could make you more attractive to prospective employers.
  8. geminidiamond

    From interview to offer (or not)

    Interview 1: I told her I just had a baby, so she told me during the interview she would keep in touch with me for future positions. Interview 2: Still nothing (u know about that 1) been about a month. Interview 3: 5 days, offer! The waiting game sucks so bad. I too have to consider child care, but I already have a car, but the bills are piling up.
  9. geminidiamond

    Having a baby during first year of working as a nurse

    I got pregnant during my accelerated BSN, started in May got pregnant in January, graduated in May, passed boards in July, worked part time doing chart review in August, had him in October. I've been searching for a job these few months with little luck, now I do have an offer to start in April so I feel like that was perfect timing. At 1 month it would have been too soon for me, when he was 3 weeks I went on an interview and talked about him almost the whole time, almost cried (so unprofessional And I just got a pump because I went out of state for an interview, but he refuses to take bottles, who knew, so there are always unexpected challenges. But I say you should go for it, it will def slow u down having a newborn and toddler but if u have a good support system, why not? I'm a single parent, so my son will be much older when I decide to have another baby. Luckily my sister is getting married this summer, so my son and his future cousin might be pretty close :)
  10. geminidiamond

    Visiting Nurses Service New Grad Internship

    I know!! Couldn't respond to ur pm, don't have 15 msgs yet. So its not just me, I interviewed about a month ago and still have not heard anything... I was so sure it went well. I have since called once and sent an email, no reply. I would think notifications would have started considering the april start date. If anyone has an update please share.
  11. geminidiamond

    Washington Hospital Center Residency February 2011 COHORT

    So I did get an offer :) I won't be able to start until April But I'm still super excited. I guess I will see ya there!
  12. geminidiamond

    Parking at WHC

    Check out these websites. http://www.nursesunited.org/ and https://www.whcnurses.org/. Updates about contract negotiations. I googled. I guess its okay to post them here, we will know if they are removed.
  13. geminidiamond

    Washington Hospital Center Residency February 2011 COHORT

    Congrats! Just keep doing test questions until the day before and have a rest. You will do fine. I still havn't heard anything. I'm hoping they are doing this alphabetically and I'm at the end. :uhoh21:
  14. geminidiamond

    Washington Hospital Center Residency February 2011 COHORT

    I interviewed today! I was able to tour the unit and talk to really nice nurses that work there. I think it was left up to the nurse mgr to take you up. I wonder when they will do notifications. 2 weeks isn't much time to get prepared. I hope they let everyone know tomorrow. The hospital and the staff were much nicer than I expected. I'm now hoping that I do get selected!! The clinical questions caught me off guard but I think I did well. Also, someone told me there were about 200 apps for the last class, with 120 selected.... And it was super hot