ADON'S what are your duties and what and how many hours do you work?

  1. ADON'S what are your duties and what and how many hours do you work?
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  3. by   sls73
    I am a 59 bed facility and have a RNAC/Staff Development nurse and a Restorative Nurse- that may help when I explain the ADON. I dont call the position a ADON but a Nurse Manager and he works rougly 45-50 hour work week. I have him work from 9 - 6 so that he can cover both shifts and stay through supper. He helps with MD rounds, Admissions, & Discharges. He is in charge of the Infection Control Program(including employee health and the immunization program), Wound Program, and Weight Program. I have him assist in audits to aide in completing evaluations (med pass and resident care stuff). He also helps in various other audits like chart audits, careplans, new orders, family/Md notification, new admissions, ect(although he is not the QA Coordinator- I still am responsible for the overall function of the QA committee)..... He attends Medicare and takes turns rotating on-call responsiblity. He also assists with Caretracker compliance. I will admit I have him working in more of a clinical mind set to pull all the shifts togeather and make sure everything is covered at the end of the day- I handle most of the administrative stuff. It works for us. He does assist in disciplinary actions and will sit in on interviews as needs.
  4. by   CapeCodMermaid
    My ADON is the wound queen, the infection control nurse, and my right hand during survey. She works about 40 hours/wk.
  5. by   Nascar nurse
    I am the fall/safety queen - daily monitoring of all falls/bruises/abrasions. I oversee the RAI process, audit for accuracy, sign off at R2b and sit-in on the entire triple check (medicare billing). We have daily clinical rounds/chart checks for change of condition. Review of previous day physician orders for accurate follow up. QA reports related to falls, med errors. In charge of vaccination programs, ie: annual flu, pneumovacs & this year the H1N1. Currently writing comprehensive careplans for entire facility as the MDS nurse is drowning. Called frequently to the floors to lend a hand when things go nuts. Do lots of education to staff along the way. Assist DON with all evals and potential admission referrals. And God knows what else.

    I am salary & stick to 40-45 hours unless survey is in the facility.
  6. by   sls73
    I probably need to clarify his 45 - 50 hour work week. We dont get paid for lunch so technically it is only 40 to 45 hours.
  7. by   achot chavi
    as ADON of a 180-200 bed SNF, I am the DON's right hand, and basically do whatever she wants. I am responsible for QA, UR, wounds/decubiti ulcers, falls, orienting new staff, staff development ad instrucyion. care plans, I give a hand when necessary on the units, I am sure there is more, but..ok I get paid per hour and so if I go overtime I dont care, I get paid for the time...
  8. by   NC29mom
    i want the adon job where i work, right now the guy we have "won't accept the title because he doesn't want to take call or salary" (says my don) instead, he just walks around with a lot of free time, does the cna schedule and an inservice every 3mon or so. i am in charge of the restorative nursing program (which was in shambles when i got it), in charge of measuring, documentating and reporting on wounds, and do skin assessments based on braden score. i have talked with my don about the adon job, but she just talks around me. never gives a definite answer. the guy that has it now is a sorry nurse, and i am not just saying that - he really is sorry. i have worked at the facility for 4 yrs and have given it my all - sucks when you bust your tale and get overlooked
  9. by   CapeCodMermaid
    Work on your resume' and start looking around. A good ADON is hard to find. Just remember to have someone else read over what you've written before you send it out. I'm sure you've worked your tail not tale off.
  10. by   Jessie71385
    I am an ADON of a 124 bed facility. I do just about everything. I do rounds on the floors every morning, make sure beds are made, pass linens, and help with toileting. I then do the morning start up, sometimes the DON does it, depends what she else is on her plate for the day. Start up includes checking 24 hr reports for any pertinent info., checking shower sheets for any new skin issues, checking fall reports to investigate what happened and what to do to prevent it. Then I help out on the floors, do treatments, charting, meds, whatever they need done. I then go to the dining room for lunch to help assist residents, pass meal trays, pass meds, whatever is needed. I work inquiries for possible new residents, place new residents, do admission and discharge planning. Wound management, measuring, and treatments. Head of restorative services. Also do scheduling and staffing. Monitor attendance, and disciplinary actions. Also do all the hiring, and interview processes. Also help with orientation of all new employees. I work about a 50 hr week, sometimes more, not usually less unless I'm sick. Ha ha ha!
  11. by   Love-A-Nurse
    i am adon and unit manager. the other duties includes a&i, supervise all nursing staff, attending meetings don is too busy to attend, etc.
  12. by   Havin' A Party!
    Jess -- Hope they're appropriately compensating you.

    I worked as an ADON at a 160-unit facility. I could never properly perform my job in 50 hours if I did all the work you listed. My mandate was to manage / supervise.

    Doesn't mean I didn't help out occasionally with floor duties, but management's order was to oversee / ensure we were on track. Of course, each facility / management team is different as to their philosophy and goals, so we all need to be aware of facility expectations to succeed.
  13. by   hotflashion
    Quote from sls73
    I am a 59 bed facility and have a RNAC/Staff Development nurse and a Restorative Nurse- that may help when I explain the ADON.
    Explain? What is your position at this 59 bed facility? Are you the DoN? What is an RNAC?

  14. by   sls73
    I am the DON. I have a 59 bed skilled facility and have a ADON, RNAC, and Restorative Nurse that work as my Nursing Administration. The RNAC is a MDS Coordinator. She oversees the completion of the MDS's. She also does Staff Development. Hope this helps.