LPN working in old CNA job?


This is the first time I've posted. I just passed my boards in January and started my job in a LTC in February. My problem is that the DON still send me to the sister facility where I worked as a CNA/CMA for 12 years to work not as a nurse but as a CNA. I don't think it is below me but I feel I'm really still learning as a LPN at LTC and really lose ground when I'm working as a CNA for two weeks and then go back to the LTC. This has been happening for two months! I don't know if it is the DON or the manager at the other facility asking for extra help because they are short handed. What should I do??


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Hello! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on passing boards:yeah:!! You didn't go to LPN school to still work as a CNA. I would stand my ground......if they are short CNA's, they need to hire more!!!


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Congratulations on passing your boards. That is a great achievement. You went to school to advance your career not continue in your previous one. I agree that you should stand your ground and explain that to your don. You are not the reason that they are short handed and they certainly should not treat you that way.


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Start looking for another job, an LPN job, not a CNA job. They will continue to do this as long as you go along with it.


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Thanks everyone for the support; I seem to have a hard time standing up for myself in the work environment; I did send a e-mail to my DON letting her know how I felt about the situation and that I need to have my hours devoted to nursing not being a CNA. I received no reply or even an acknowledgment. I'm going to see what the next schedule looks like which comes out on Friday and take it from there.


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Congrats on passing the boards! You worked your butt off to become a nurse, if it doesn't change i would probably just move on. Good luck!

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This is why I'm leaving my current position. At my job you're either a CNA or an RN. They will allow me to stay at my job as a LPN but I will still be the CNA. I'm sorry but I did not go to nursing school from 3 years ( 2 years pre-reqs, one year NS) to get my LPN to still work as a CNA. You bet I'll be leaving ( 7 more days to be exact) to start my nursing career.

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to me, a nurse is a nurse and should not be expected to function as a cna on a daily basis. it is fine to pitch in and assist them if needed, but for a nurse, especially a new nurse should not be distracted by trying to fill in holes for the cnas. this is certainly not a bash on cnas. but, you need to learn how to prioritize your nursing skills, learn as much as you can about what can come up for a nurse and handle it. you need to learn time management, how to observe your patients, see the paperwork and all of the things that an lpn can encounter.

i understand...this is not fair to you. and, they should have anticipated that once hiring you as an lpn, they needed to replace you. heck for all of that, the don needs to get to ltc and work as an aide.


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Everyone here is really being great and supportive; my schedule comes out tomorrow and I'm anxious to see how many "nursing" days I will have. I also hope and pray I can gather the courage to speak up if I don't have the nursing days I need. We'll see.....

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