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  1. Busybee01

    Part time job?

    Good luck to you!
  2. Busybee01

    Part time job?

    I did not work while in LPN school....I'm just not the one that can work full time and go to school full time! But if you find that you can, go for it! If you are working as a caregiver and can study at the same time.....do it! Good luck in school....if you need help or any advice, please ask! ( I just got my LPN license in Feb. 09).
  3. Busybee01

    I.V. Certification

    Hello! I'm currently taking my IV therapy class (in Kansas), my instructor told us that we DO NOT have to renew it.
  4. Busybee01

    LPN working in old CNA job?

    Hello! First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on passing boards:yeah:!! You didn't go to LPN school to still work as a CNA. I would stand my ground......if they are short CNA's, they need to hire more!!!
  5. Busybee01


    Boy, it's been a while since I've been to this site!! Yes, I passed the NCLEX!!!!
  6. Busybee01

    IV Therapy

    Hello all!! I'm an LPN and will be taking the IV therapy State Board (Kansas) next Friday. I've been studying and studying....do any of you have any suggestions or tips before the exam?? Thank you in advance!!
  7. Busybee01


    Hello all! I will be taking the NCLEX-LPN on Feb 11th. I've been reviewing like crazy! Does anyone have any thoughts or recommendations before the big day? Thank you
  8. Busybee01

    Cultural Diversity

    Hi Ann! Thank you...I will contact the local tribe office to see if they have any information! Char
  9. Busybee01

    Cultural Diversity

    Hello! I too, have to do a paper on Native Americans. Can you tell me where you found your information on their beliefs with regards to healthcare? Thank You
  10. Busybee01

    Cultural Diversity

    Hello all! I am a nursing student, going to graduate in Dec. I have to do a presentation over Native American Culture. There are a few things that are needed in my presentation. The main one I am having trouble with is how the culture relates to healthcare. I have looked on-line, spent time in the library. Does anyone have any ideas of where I can start in regards to finding information on this? I would greatly appreciate any feed back!