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  1. Julie1963

    LPN working CNA shifts??

    I posted this thread not because I think being a CNA is beneath me. I was just frustrated at being moved around so much..between units, shifts, positions...I have no sense of continuity. Please forgive me if the impression I gave was that I thought the work of a CNA is beneath me...that is far from the truth. When I'm working as a nurse I do CNA duties if there is a need for it. Nothing would be accomplished if it wasn't for the wonderful skilled CNA's on my team.
  2. Julie1963

    LPN working CNA shifts??

    I am an LPN that works in a long term care facility. We are short staffed of CNA's and 3 of the 4 LPN's (me included) were assigned to "fill in" CNA shifts "temporarily" almost a year ago. Am I being ungrateful and selfish for being resentful of these shifts and of the newer, younger LPN who does not get the shift? Generally its 2 or 3 shifts out of a 14 day schedule. I am a team player! I do two different nursing shifts, work in two different facilities when needed, and I do doctors rounds. How do I start the conversation with my DON so she really "gets" how I feel? Thanks in advance for any advice or for just listening. By the way I've been an LPN at this facility for almost 4 years...I worked for them before I was an LPN as a CNA in their sister facility in the same town.
  3. Julie1963

    Math requirements?

    I'm just curious why is college algebra is required for any nursing degree. I've spoken to nurses that I work with and they all say they have never needed to use algebra in the course of their duties. I'm in an LPN to BSN program. When I went to school for my LPN degree college algebra was NOT required so needless to say I'm now required to take this class. It's seems very pointless and is very frustrating. A class in medical mathematics that would focus on dosage calculations, drip rates, conversions, etc would be much more appropriate (in my opinion). Anybody have any ideas? Like I said, just venting and curious!!
  4. Julie1963

    Passed NCLEX, sometimes nurse, sometimes aide

    The same thing happens to me; passed my NCLEX in January and am being scheduled as CNA most of the time. I was also told before I passed that "there is a full time position for me". I do get paid nursing wages in both positions; but why did I spend what I did on school and work so hard to become a nurse when I'm constantly being thrown back into my "old" position.
  5. Julie1963

    LPN working in old CNA job?

    This is the first time I've posted. I just passed my boards in January and started my job in a LTC in February. My problem is that the DON still send me to the sister facility where I worked as a CNA/CMA for 12 years to work not as a nurse but as a CNA. I don't think it is below me but I feel I'm really still learning as a LPN at LTC and really lose ground when I'm working as a CNA for two weeks and then go back to the LTC. This has been happening for two months! I don't know if it is the DON or the manager at the other facility asking for extra help because they are short handed. What should I do??
  6. Julie1963

    Please Help!!! New Grad working first nursing job LTC

    I'm also a new LPN in a LTC. We have 25-30 patients depending on what unit we're assigned to. I'm also pulled to the sister facility where I was previously employed as a CNA/CMA to fill in because they are short handed (not my choice). I don't think these situations are optimal for a new nurse to learn the ropes but unfortunately it seems to be the norm. Are you the only nurse in the facility or is there another nurse with you possibly in another unit? I have tried to remember that it is OK to ask that other nurse for advice and/or help when I need to.