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First time to give sample and I will be positive, do they give you time for it to get out your system

No. You don't get a mulligan when you have a hot pee test.

No, they do not.

I am thinking it depends. If you just entered the program, it would depend on your sobriety date I am guessing. Things like THC can stay in urine a long time. If you just entered monitoring and are still using this could be your last chance to clean up your act. Good luck to you.

Yeah I guess we are a little confused... did you sign up for monitoring immediately after, say, getting caught and are you saying this is from using before you signed up? I would hope in a case like this that they would look at the levels. If you are saying this is from before signing up for the program I would use a lawyer to help if there are problems. But if you have a case manager I would also talk to them as well.

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No...."you don't get to study for this test"

However, was it a positive for like THC?....which hangs around a while and you are brand new to recovery ?

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