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LPN seeking to obtain RN online has a plan what do you all think?

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I thank you all for your suggestions and information it was very helpful. Today I met with an advisor from college network and it was very promising. I have a plan since I have a scholarship and need lots of prereqs, I decided to take self paced classes at my community college also while doing college network. Therefore, I can save money, use my scholarship, and get financial aide. I am excited wish me luck people. Feel free to give advise suggestions warnings etc. I plan on getting started next week, I told the advisor I will pray about it and review the paper work and all. Thank you all so much RN here I come:D!!!!


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You asked us to feel free to bestow warnings upon you, so here's mine...

The College Network is not an online LPN-to-RN program. The College Network is nothing more than a publishing company engaged in the business of selling study materials that eventually lead to a nursing degree from Excelsior (LPN-to-RN) or Indiana State (LPN-to-BSN).

Most people are able to earn their LPN-to-RN bridge program nursing degree from Excelsior without ever going through expensive publishing companies such as the College Network. In addition, people have attempted to get out of contracts drawn by TCN, and all were unsuccessful.

Buyer beware. . .

I encourage you strongly to do a search for the existing threads here about The College Network and read about the experiences and opinions of others here. As TheCommuter noted, TCN is not a nursing program. It is a "middleman" that sells you study materials (which you can buy on eBay for a fraction of the price, if you really want them) to complete the legitimate programs offered by Excelsior College or ISU. Going through TCN will cost you much more money than just dealing with EC or ISU directly.

Also, if you go with TCN, you will not be dealing with them on a "pay as you go" kind of basis -- they will require you to sign a contract for the full amount of their program up front, and you will be legally obligated to pay them the entire amount. If you find you don't like or don't need their materials, if your plans change and you decide not to continue in the program, if you have some kind of personal emergency that makes it impossible for you to continue -- you will still owe them the entire amount of money (including all the interest you will be paying) and you will not be able to get out of the contract.

Please, for your own sake, take a good look at what others have written about TCN here before you make a decision and sign a contract.

If you are within the allotted 72 hour window or whatever it is in your state, I would cancel that contract with The College Network in every manner possible to convey to them that you are cancelling and keep the paper trail. You did not seem to get our advice to stay away from The College Network.

Hello everyone, here is my question can I use the tcn materials that my friend got suckered into buying for the a+p class for Excelsior would those materials help me pass the exam

please help

thank u


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They would probably help; I bought a few on ebay when I first started. I ended up ordering texts also because I like being able to read as much as possible on a subject. Almost got suckered into signing a contract with Rue but thank God I found this site before I signed my life away.


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