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  1. by   LA_StudentNurse
    Quote from ohthatgal
    Hi - I am 51 years old and in semester III LPN-ADN program and working .6 in family practice clinic.
    A peer...someone close to my age.

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    Quote from Robinlyna
    Hi Everyone,
    I am new to this forum, but not so new to nursing. I have been an LVN for 24 years. This past year has been a whirlwind of change, and I am excited to say that after YEARS of trying to go back and complete my degree, my time has finally come! I am currently working on my last semester of pre-reqs and just applied to the LVN to RN Bridge program for Spring! I am PRAYING that I make this bridge! Looking forward to moving in and getting my MSN for Family Nurse Practitioner. Feel a bit silly doing all of this at my age, but hey who says there is an age limit on when you stop learning and growing professionally? Hope I can offer encouragement to all of you who are hard at it, because come January I am going to need some too!
    See you on the boards!
    Robin, I change careers from being a malpractice an age similar to yours. for going foward.
    Are you going for you AA degree or BSN.? Some colleges have accelerated MSN degrees for ADN RNS to MSN.

    Best to you, g
  3. by   strawbrykiwi
    Hi all! I'm 23, I've been a CNA for 3 years, I'm finishing my Phlebotomy license and now I'm starting LVN school! I'm hoping to work my way up to RN and maybe even up to NP.
  4. by   RobinlynaRN
    good for you kiwi...I hope you follow your dreams...I will graduate in December 2010!! Then it's on to FNP for me!
  5. by   RobinlynaRN
    Going forward was not an easy decision LA STUDENT NURSE, but it has been by FAR the best decision i have made!! Good luck to you as you journey along the path! As I said earlier, I am going into my fourth semester of nursing classes now, and will have my ADN in December. My plan is to do the RN to MSN bridge. Praying it all works out!
  6. by   mystic2fire
    Hello everyone I have been an LPN since 2000. I guess you could say I am on the "Ten Year Plan" for completing the RN. Since the LPN program, I continued with taking pre-req's as well as other classes that interested me I could afford them. I am hoping this year will be the year I will have my RN done with. I am halfway there, two weeks from now I am taking the Repro CLEP Test and then have the three Life Span Tests. I have worked in a variety of settings and roles as a LPN. Currently working for an agency doing private duty for a vent dependent client. I am also a Firefighter / First Responder for my local volunteer fire department, which I have been doing for the last four years. I have an Assoc. of Science Degree in Law Enforcement. My master plan is to complete the BSN and then a Masters in Law. My goal is to combine my love of nursing and the law. What job that may lead to, I don't know but I'll find out when I get there
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    Quote from caroline3

    I have been a LPN for a year now, and I work currently parttime in longterm care. I have been at this place for 11 months now, and I work scheduled every other weekend, but always pick up 3 more shifts either noc or pm. On pm shifts I do mostly charge nurse. We have constant staff changes and it is exhausting at times. My husband travels during the week so that I only work weekends or Fridays. I start a LPN-RN program which lasts 18 months in Spring 2010. The first semester is only 2 days a week for transitional classes. I am wondering if it is worth to look for a different kind of job during the 3 weekdays I have no school until August. It is hard though to get in clinics without experience in clinics, longterm does not seem to count with this tough job market. I am also worried to not be able to find a job as a RN after graduating in May 2011 with a ADN and longterm care experience as LPN. Do you think that matters? Thank you
    From what i have experienced it is very difficult to get a job as a new grad.. even if you do have experience as an LPN
    My suggestion is to try to work as an LPN where you will want to work as an RN.
  8. by   tainted1972
    I am 37 and have been an LPN for 3 months.
    I just got accepted into the online program at the University of Rio Grande. I was surprised that I didnt have to taken any entrance tests, prereqs... etc.. YAY.. and NO CHEMISTRY!!!
  9. by   knicenursing
    Hello would like to know more about this program would you mind telling me
  10. by   tainted1972
    The College is located by Chillicothe ohio... all classes can be taken online and you have to drive to chillicothe for clinicals.. they are 6 -12 hours either once a week or once every two weeks.. that is all i know really.
    I applied online and just had to send in my transcripts.
  11. by   Amac
    Hello everyone!
    I am 28, and just last week got my letter that i passed the NCLEX-PN!!! i kinda overlapped some prerequisites with the end of LVN school, so this summer all i have to take is Microbio and I am ready to jump on that waiting list and get into an RN program! I have it narrowed down to 3 programs that i am looking into, Moorpark, Ventura and College of the Canyons. All of them have pretty good pass rates on the NCLEX-RN, and all of them are pretty close, i am leaning to COC cause they offer online classes!! I am hoping to work for the VA, i have 3 years already with government so technically in 17 more i can retire, and work someplace awesome like a specialty hospital (cross my fingers for City of Hope, my dream job!) anyone who has survived these programs and has words of wisdom i am all ears. Thanks for checking out who i am
  12. by   RobinlynaRN
    Congrats AMAC!
    I am finally getting ready to put my last semester of RN school behind me. I graduate in December 2010!! It's been a LONG time coming for me, and I am excited to finally be getting over the last hurdle! Good luck with the VA and blessings to you as you seek out your dream job!
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    Quote from Marie_LPN, RN
    Stop by, introduce yourself, say a little about yourself.
    Hello, posted the following in April, 2005 (I've been off this site for over 2 years I believe): "I am considering a career change. I have been a field engineer for 25 yrs in the NJ area. I had a pretty good position and built up a good amount of savings and some financial security (if there is such a thing). I just turned 50 yrs old. My present field is on the decline as far as salary and openings. My present position, after 22 years with my company is ending".

    Fast forward a few years and I am about to graduate an LPN program in NJ this week. It was tough (half our class funked out or quit) but I did well and I loved the clinical aspect of actually assisting Pt's.

    Anyway, I am convinced that I should get my RN degree. My wife is a long time LPN and strongly agrees. I want to work part time while I get my degree. To get into a conventional RN program at one of my local colleges is next to impossible. But I have already started getting some pre req's I need at my local Comm College.

    I would really appreciate any advise pro or con regarding on-line programs. I was considering College Network for pre reqs to start with and then go on to Excelsior but have heard some bad stuff about College Network. I am now leaning towards doing my pre reqs my self either locally at my comm college or with Clep tests and then do the Nursing courses on line. As time permits, I will start researching old threads here to try to get some info on my own.

    Thanks much for any advise.