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  1. by   ashtoreth1221
    Hello hello! ^____^
    I graduated my RPN/LPN program last august 2008. Im currently working part-time and doing my BScN full-time. We've just finished week one and so far I'm still alive...hi hi hi...=)
    anyways, I just joined allnurses. and I am hoping to learn a lot from y'all!
  2. by   jakesgal1904
    My name is Melanie...I have been an LPN for 5years. I am currently doing my basic courses at this time,however, I begin LPN to RN in Spring 2010. I am super excited! Currently I am working Baylor weekend in a nursing home, and I previously worked on a med/surg floor doing 3 twelve hour shifts. I miss it dearly and eventually will go back to that floor as an RN! Working on med/surg gave me the nudge to get myself back in school. My husband just graduated w/ his RN. We currently live in Alabama, and one day we may travel nurse together, that I am super excited about!
  3. by   angel 4
    Thank You, Solsbury Hill.
    I still can't believe it that I am going to be an RN.
    Next step is taking broads.
  4. by   mwdw04
    Hello! I am a 28 yr wife and mother of 2 adorable kids. Girl 6 and boy 5. I am graduating from LPN school in 2 weeks and I am going straight on for my RN. I plan on and have applied for ABAC. Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
  5. by   angel 4
    To: mwdw04

    Congratulations in graduating from LPN School.

    Word of advice continue to study and stay motivated in Rn School.
    Dedication and Studying are very important.

    When you are in Rn school, you are definitely going to be tested on Critical Thinking and You are definitely are going to be asked the "WHY this is happening and why your patient is taking theses medications "questions. To me in Rn school, I found that the instructors want you to go more in depth about the illnesses and medications.

    Since you already been in nursing school, I think you will be fine. Definitely get some hands-on experience when you become an LPN so you can keep up with your skills and be comfortable and confident with your skills.

    When you attend RN school, go back to the Student role and not the nurse role that already has experience in the workforce because it can interfere when you are taking a test and may pick the wrong answer. ALot of LPNs had that problem. Go with the answer that the textbook provide.

    Once again Congratulations and Good Luck in your Nursing career. :spin:
  6. by   L.P.N. to R.N.
    Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the site and I happened across this page.

    I have been a LPN for the past 2 years and have just recently applied to a RN program here in Miami, Fl. The wait is murder!!!!

    I am so glad that there is a place where I can vent and know that others understand what I am going thru.I hope to hear from many of you soon. And congrats to all those along the way that have made it into the programs and all those that have finished and are continuing on.

    Wish me luck.
  7. by   StephieRN_1216
    Hi all!
    I'm 32, been an LPN for 10 years, currently working at a military hospital. I applied to the career ladder pathway program at OCCC in OKC in early May... and I'm ANXIOUSLY awaiting to hear if I was accepted. I really hope that I do, because I've already changed positions at work to accomodate for school, and I'm saving up tuition with extra shifts.
    Please keep your fingers crossed for me!
    I hope I can network with other LPN/RN bridge students through allnurses.....
    especially if there are any that applied to OCCC also.

    good luck to all!
  8. by   bjflymed
    I am a 52 y/o Military trained LPN, who has worked from 1979-1998 as a LPN and from 1990-present as a Paramedic the past 10 years as a flight paramedic. I have done an advanced placement program, and will be starting this fall as a senior nursing student.
  9. by   jillyan208
    I am an LPN of 7 years, returning to obtain my ADN/RN at West Virginia Northern. Starting classes in August. I have already had many courses for the RN program at another college, but it has been so many years ago, I figured it would be best to start from the beginning again. I am 41 yrs old, have two kids, Son 21 yrs, Daughter 13. So they both know the drill when it comes to Mom and school work. It is going to be great!!!! I absolutely love being a Nurse.

  10. by   jillyan208
    You get em'. Congratulations...:urck:.
  11. by   Ks mommy nurse
    MY 8TH GRADE GRAD :grad:
    My teen graduated this morning, and I went this afternoon to pay my registration fees and buy my books for the classes I signed up for. Can't wait for school to start Monday...I hope I do well this semester.
  12. by   porridge
    I'm in northern VA. Only two more semesters (three classes) and I'll finish my transition. I plan to go straight into my RN-BSN transition before I run out of steam and decide I can't face any more studying
  13. by   Ks mommy nurse
    Sheesh these 2 classes are really draing me down! I didn't know it would be this hard for me to keep a full day schedule of classes and work and family. I can't give up, the thought was there to drop one, but i'm gonna try my best. 1 week down, 4 to go for the summer semester.