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  1. statuspending

    NCLEX Freak out!

    when my mind wonders during my study time i get back on track by thinking of why i'm doing this and how i will feel after i pass.
  2. statuspending

    nclex pn

    congrats....hope i dont get too many questions i dont think i would be worried based on how many questions i get but hey if i'm sitting there going past 200 ummm we'll see lol
  3. statuspending

    trick to remember Ace Inhibitors, Beta blockers etc.

  4. statuspending

    Nursing student taking drugs

    Never smoked mj but was offered some while in school by a fellow student. One of the brightest students in my opinion. I really saw no reason to tell anyone about it though
  5. While i didnt enjoy care plans I do feel my instructors feedback on them were constructive and I'd like to think i learned a little from doing them
  6. there were only 3 males including myself in the class i recently graduated from....27 females at the start of class. The possibility of admission being easier for males never even crossed my mind
  7. picked research though the opportunity for that in my area is nearly zilch
  8. statuspending

    Roll Call, LPN to RN Students!!!

    hey all....former army combat medic who just graduated from an lvn program i also signed up for the college network lvn to rn through san angelo state university. just checking in and wishing fellow students good luck!
  9. statuspending

    New LPN =]

    no idea on the lamination issue but congrats!
  10. thanks excellent post and words of encouragement
  11. statuspending

    How do you get over your new RN boo boos (mistakes)

    good luck
  12. statuspending

    RN program; not much credit given to LPNs!!!

    i'm a new graduate of an lpn program and honestly i dont care how much credit others give me for my work accomplished. I understand being frustrated by it though
  13. statuspending

    LPN to RN c College Network?

    i signed up for their lvn to rn through san angelo state university. i am a u.s. army veteran and although i was given the run around about my ability to use my education benefits while enrolled in this program i still signed up. To my surprise, and after much detective work, i've found out i'm able to use 100% of my benefits once i'm done with the pre-reqs.
  14. statuspending

    Got into Galen College of Nursing's LVN to RN!

    i'm moving to san antonio from el paso and am a new lpn graduate. Is galen within 15 driving minutes from ft. sam houston?