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LookUp2Sky has 8 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Hospice, Oncology.


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  1. LookUp2Sky

    On-call hospice nurse

    Hi HillieRN - I totally understand your concern! I was the first, full-time, on call nurse hired with a not-for-profit agency, with a census in the 50's. No rules, no boundaries, no back up, etc. After over 1 1/2 yrs, I am still there desperately, diplomatically trying to make them aware of the "potential" harm in not providing a back-up. Mostly, it will be the patients who might suffer. We serve a huge geographic territory, with one-hour minimum between some patients. In hospice, family members are not happy with that type of response time, and no matter how diplomatically you try to explain that you will be there as fast as possible (because of no back up)...they perceive it that someone else is more important than their loved one:(. I work 7 on and 7 "off." It is straight salary for 5pm Friday straight through until Monday morning, at 8am...back on Monday night at 5pm until 8am Tuesday, etc., until Friday morning, then supposedly "off 7." However, they want me at team, weekly, mandatory inservices, etc on my "off" time, with no additional pay. It consists of 123 hours of on-call, 63 straight hours for weekend. So, even though paid for 80, I am available (or reserved) for 43 hours over the 80 hours I get paid for. I am not a quitter, and continue to diligently/gently take suggestions to them, which have to go through corporate, but am not sure any adjustments will be made:( I do admissions, deaths, triage, lab work, respite visits and on-call visits...all for one small salary. I guess I'm thankful to have a job, but most thankful to have "riches of heart" in working with hospice patients. Long story/response later-lol. Yes, it's quality of care/patients that suffer when there is no back-up. Feasibly, it is not possible for one person to do the work after hours, that it takes a whole team to do during the day/week. "There is no "I" in team."
  2. LookUp2Sky

    Ohio University RN-to-BSN Program

    Thanks and kudos to all of you for your ongoing updates and feedback. I have been contemplating OU for quite some time, then ran across this thread. Think I will move forward with the next step...thanks to all the positive nurses on this site!!
  3. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Thank you so much Lykeen!
  4. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Woo hoo Nursecheryl That is so awesome!! I am so happy for you. It's such a good feeling, isn't it? And, we don't have to do that for another four years!! Just think, we'll have to support each other again around the same time 4 years from now-lol. CONGRATULATIONS! You are now RN, CHPN! Great job. Please say hello once in a while. No more studying, go have some fun!!
  5. LookUp2Sky

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Well, I'll be....put some tinsel on me and call me a tree!!
  6. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Hi Nursecheryl - Just checking in with you to let you know that I said a prayer, and am wishing you all the best for your test tomorrow (Friday). You can do it. I'm sure all will go well. Go get 'em Let us know how things went!! Good luck.
  7. LookUp2Sky

    10th Nursing Caption Contest - Win $100

    Hey, do you think it could be a bowel obstruction? Four twelves, boss? No problem! What makes you think I'm jealous that you get to clock out and go home? Hang a few ornaments on me, and I'm all ready for Christmas! Now do you think I look like a Christmas tree for the kids?
  8. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Hi Nursecheryl - Thanks for the congrats. I am really glad to have it behind me. I think a lot of hospice agencies are starting to require certification within a certain period of time. Not ours...so far. I will try to send you the testing site (for the practice test-$35) in a private message. Don't get freaked out, I have no doubt that you can pass it. Especially, like I said before, if you are a good test-taker. I am not always a good test taker...anxiety kicks in! I figured I would take it, before I have to take it, so I wouldn't have that additional pressure-lol. Again, breathe, think positive and all will go smoothly. I marked my calendar, and will be praying for you. Good luck:nurse:
  9. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Thank you so much, CannondaleRN!! So happy to have that behind me-lol. I have been looking on-line, and have been unable to find any information whether the certification qualifies for any CE's? Do you happen to know. I know NBCHPN is accredited by the American Board of Nursing. Went to their website to see, but didn't see anything there, either. Let me know if you happen to have any idea. Thanks for your prayers and support! Congratulations to you, again, too
  10. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Hi Nursecheryl - So happy to report that I PASSED the CHPN exam!! (Thank you, God) I have every faith that you can too, especially since you report feeling better about having studied a little more. There is a practice test available on the AMP testing website, same place where you scheduled, if you did it on line. I think there is also a link on NHPCA's website. If you still have trouble, let me know and I will see if I can get exact web address for you. I made a mistake (I think) by taking it one day before, cause I only passed by one, which sent me into a panic!! However, these tests are not based on raw scores, but more on scores within several categories, as described on instructions. The Core Curriculum and Study Questions were very pertinent study materials for the test. The questions were straightforward. I felt that several times, I could get the answer down to two, but sometimes had to give it my best shot. My advice would be to take the practice test at least one week out. It is good practice just being introduced the computer format, etc., and the questions are very similar. Go for it. Again, I will say a prayer for you and your success!! Good luck.
  11. LookUp2Sky

    Advice from FL hospice RNs

    Hi CM - I think if you truly want to return to hospice, you can negotiate with them. For new grads (RN's) that may be comparable. However, I wish more credibility would be given once in a while, to LPN experience! If I were you, and you are impressed with the company, and they do not have high turnover, I would negotiate the sticking points. Ask them for six weeks orientation, and maybe $26.50/hr, since no benefits. Remember too, that gas reimbursement is tax-free income (so to speak-lol). They can always negotiate back, but at least you put it out there. Good luck!!
  12. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Hi Nursecheryl - Do you have the Core Curriculum and book of Study Questions? That's is what I've been focusing on. The Core Curriculum is a little tedious, but I have learned a lot, especially over the last week. So, I think that's a good thing. I am going to take the one-time only practice test, online, on Monday. I drove to the test site today, as it is one-hour drive for me. I sure didn't want to increase my already escalating test anxiety-lol. I think from a lot of previous posts I've read, the Core Curriculum should cover the material. At least I hope so! I am my own worst enemy when it comes to testing. I can know all the necessary information, but it goes right out the window with nerves-lol. I am sure you will do just fine. Please know that I will mark your date on my calendar, and will be sending up a prayer for your success too. Best of luck to you!
  13. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Woo hoo CannondaleRN!! Way to go:nurse: I bet you will get some great sleep tonight, now that it is behind you!! Now, I wish I was in your shoes-lol. Were the questions similar to Study Guide questions? I am so happy for you! Thank you too, Westieluv for your good luck wish! Back to studying, had to check in on Cannondale!!
  14. LookUp2Sky

    Which Company Would You Go With?

    Hi Westieluv - Here we are again-lol. I would say there are pros and cons to both opportunities. The new (start-up) hospice may offer opportunity for advancement for a nurse, like yourself, with hospice experience (plus your CHPN), into something like Director, Clinical Services or Administrator, if that's something that interests you. That would give you the opportunity for the longetivity piece. The cons (I've experienced), is the growing pains with little to no orientation, minimal policies and procedures for their particular hospice yet in place, a lot of room for error (in the eyes of immediate supervisor), depending on their individual preferences of how things should be decided vs. your independent thinking as well as a lot of turnover. Smaller hospice agencies tend to pay less and more likely to attract "new" hospice nurses who need a lot of initial guidance. Sometimes when they realize what they've gotten themselves into, they leave, creating a shift in assigned patients and turnover of nurses, which impacts the patient's continuum of care. I always enjoyed case management (PRN or otherwise), knowing that there was always an in-patient unit possibility should the patient require it for intractable pain, out-of-control medication stabilization, family crisis, etc. I'm guessing that would be an opportunity with the large, hospital-based hospice. Sometimes distance, as you know, is irrevalant since we do so much driving anyway. With the larger hospice agencies, I find they have more fine-tuned territories, and nurses are not geographically, criss-crossing so much of the time. Also, a well-established hospice agency is doing something right, if their turnover is low. Maybe that means that the current case managers are happy! I think it boils down to what you find happiness in doing. You seem to be gifted towards hospice nursing which equals patient satisfaction. So, your personal happiness is important. Good luck in your decision. I hope this helped in some sort of way! Take care!
  15. LookUp2Sky

    CHPN Exam

    Hi CannondaleRN - Tomorrow is your big day! Not to worry, I have a good feeling about you passing!! Remember, take time out for yourself today, i.e., soak in a hot bath, sing in the shower, go to bed early, read a non-relavant book, etc. I'm pulling for you, and will say a prayer for you too! You can do it....go for it, and know it will be over for four years!! Good luck:)
  16. LookUp2Sky

    On call hospice nurse! Scary!

    You are so right, Westieluv...on many counts. After several years of hospice nursing, mostly in case management, I am now three months into an on-call only position. I was very impressed by the fact that a company would respect their case managers enough, to take the extra-heavy burden off of them, by hiring on-call only nurses. It is working out well, but does require flexibility and a good attitude! I always say I'm on call for God. When He calls me to go, I go. However, I know He wants me to be safe as well. It is a hospice nurse's dream to actually be available for when the patient's need us. I sent you another reply under CHPN topic too. I appreciate your dedication to helping out all of us other nurses, with good, solid, practical advise. Keep up the good work:w00t: