Ok, NOW I'm confused...LPN or RN or what?!?

  1. Hi, I'm already taking pre-reqs at the College and was planning to apply for the ADN program in about a year or so...now people are telling me that it would be better to first go to school to become an LPN and then go back to school and do the ADN thing. Is that true ? I wanted to get at least my Bachelors maybe Masters in nursing, so then it would take me even longer...? What should I do ?
    Thanks for your thoughts,:spin:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Hi Julia, there are many approaches you can take to your goals. Going the LPN to RN route is one of them, but it may not be the "best" as your peers are telling you. Most people who go the LPN route when they really want the RN do so because they need to work quicker, or the LPN waiting lists are shorter.

    Some areas don't have many opportunities for LPNs, such as here there aren't hospital jobs for new grad LPNs. So getting the LPN if your goal is within a hospital speciality really isn't going to be satisfying. But if you need a salary to get your through, then it might not be a bad way to go if you don't mind working in a nursing home.

    Do what fits in best to with you, your finances and timeline, and your goals.

    Good luck!
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  4. by   Jules A
    Quote from Tweety
    Most people who go the LPN route when they really want the RN do so because they need to work quicker, or the LPN waiting lists are shorter.
    I agree with Tweety and would add that in my case I did LPN first because I had no clue if I would even like nursing. Now I'm back tracking a bit to do the LPN to ADN bridge because it looks like I'm going to have to do a 7 credit transition class that runs all summer long, sigh.

    Good luck, Jules
  5. by   lostinparadise
    well, i don't know. I came up with some pros and cons:

    LPN first: experience, money, easier to get into ADN program (is that true??)
    con: takes longer

    ADN without LPN: faster (i will still be going to school forever...) - how easy/hard is it to get into ADN program??
  6. by   NurseBeefcake
    I say if at all possible go for your RN. It wil cut down on time in the end and you will have greater job prospects. I went for my LVN first because I knew I would get into the RN program easier in Southern California and although I had enough saved to work sparingly for a year, I was going to have to make more money per hour to work sparingly for the second year.
  7. by   leelinn
    This may sound stupid but what is adn?
  8. by   lostinparadise
    there are no stupid questions :wink2:

    ADN = Associates in Nursing (R.N.)
  9. by   leelinn
    Thank You very much,
  10. by   TheCommuter
    I attended an LVN program first because I needed to begin earning decent wages in a short amount of time. At the time I did not have the time, family support, or resources to take prerequisites and go through an ADN program bacause it would have taken 3 years.

    I earn $18.50 hourly as an LVN while attending prerequisite classes for local RN programs. In addition, I am paid for a 40-hour work week while only working Saturday and Sunday. I have Monday through Friday off and use that free time to attend school.

    Good luck with whatever you decide.
  11. by   Spidey's mom
    Are you married? Do you have children? Have you checked into the local university and/or community college offerings?

    I would always recommend that if you want to eventually be a registered nurse, then go for your RN. Especially if you are unmarried or have no children.

    My first major was Social Work. I went back at 38 to get my RN. I never considered going the LVN route because I didn't want to work as an LVN. The only options around here are LTC's and as much as I love the elderly and admire nurses who work in LTC, I couldn't do it.

    Go for the RN if you can.

  12. by   leelinn
    Yes, I am married and have children. I am going to a community college. I like it very much.
  13. by   Spidey's mom
    Quote from leelinn
    Yes, I am married and have children. I am going to a community college. I like it very much.
    Then I would try to do the quicker route - for me that was RN.

    I work part-time since my dh and I had another child 2 years after I finished nursing school when my older kids were 12, 15, and 17. I had waited until my youngest was in 1st grade before applying to the ADN program at my local cc. I didn't work during school either. I have to give credit to those who do - I would have found it impossible as I commuted 70 miles one way to the school and still wanted to be available to my kids. I think I might have lost my mind if I worked too. :wink2:

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  14. by   MARIMA
    hi there how are you all i am an lpn and working on becoming an rn well my advise is to go for the lpn program to see how you like nursing then go from there it is going to be helpfull to gain some experience and get your foot in,i wanted to get my rn but got lots of advise to become an lpn and see how i like it then go from there any how i need some help too i am kind of new to this and i need to post a message and get some advise about how to handle a manager from hell and how can i adress it to the nursing administration please help and thank you

    ps wishing u the best of luck in realizing your dreams and to you all