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I am trying to decide whether Excelsior College is the path I should take. I am hoping someone can help me! :smilecoffeecup:... Read More

  1. by   hfmunursemm
    Quote from RS00001
    I am trying to decide whether Excelsior College is the path I should take. I am hoping someone can help me! :smilecoffeecup:
    I am doing the program right now, taking #6 on tues, very expensive, but been a nurs so long that all my sciences have expired, would have to take them all over again, so it was the way for me.:spin:
  2. by   cstrick
    Hi, I have been doing this program for a while, sees I need to get motivated
  3. by   yooper30
    For millertime8,
    I am taking classes through Excelsior. Just started myself and I was very leary of it. I talked to a counselor at the school and checked out other info on the internet. It is a legit school. A friend of mine in Michigan has a wife who is in the program. Another co-worker we had there went through Excelsior and is now working at the U of M hospital in Ann Arbor.
  4. by   caliotter3

    They recommend that you don't sign up for more than 2 exams at a time. You can find a list of the recommended references for each exam in the study guide for that particular exam at their website: www.excelsior.edu. The study guides can be downloaded.

    Don't worry about it being a scam, it is not. Nor is it too easy. You might find the exams easy, but wait until you take the CPNE at the end. Many people have trouble with that. Good luck.
  5. by   s1shaw
    Hi there...
    I'm an LPN....and have been thinking about the internet LPN to RN programs....went as far as to get the information in the mail...I don't mind doing the Nursing Classes this way...my question is this...I still have to take Micro and A&P to get into the actual Nursing classes. Would I be better to do the Micro and A&P at the local Community College or would you suggest taking those also by the internet programs? thanks...Susan
  6. by   SuesquatchRN

    If you are already an LPN Excelsior will admit you and then let you know what you need. I, personally, would do it that way.

    I'm doing the LPN to RN via Excelsior, BTW, and couldn't be happier with it.
  7. by   tiggernme1
    Is there anyone that is from Alabama going the online LPN to RN way? It would be so nice to hear from someone that has already made it.
  8. by   s1shaw
    Any Excelsior grads out there....I'd love to talk to someone who have graduated....I know many who are doing it, but none that have graduated.
  9. by   txspadequeenRN
    you know what we need is one ongoing ec thread for everyone doing ec. all i ever see is a thread here and a thread there...i personally am looking for nursing concepts advise and am tired of hunting all over for it....

    Quote from suesquatch

    if you are already an lpn excelsior will admit you and then let you know what you need. i, personally, would do it that way.

    i'm doing the lpn to rn via excelsior, btw, and couldn't be happier with it.
  10. by   EricJRN
    The Distance Learning/Independent Study Forum is going to be your better bet for EC threads. We have a couple of stickies related to aspects of the program (like the CPNE), but not one big sticky. My fear in doing that is that it might quickly become too disorganized to benefit anyone.

    As it stands now, the search function will generally lead you to the threads you need. If anyone needs help with tracking down threads on a certain topic, I'd be glad to answer PM's and provide suggestions.

    EC '05
  11. by   s1shaw
    Thanks Txspadequeen...Found my way....
    I also am interested in perhaps doing the online thing....
    At my local Community College level I am only Micro and A&P away from the second year program for my RN....my question is...
    Would I be better off to do the Micro and A&P at a local level and go to the community college...then go to On-Line for just the Nursing Part, Clinicals, etc...
    Should I take the Micro, A&P and rest via online?
  12. by   LuvWounds
    Is there anyone in this forum from the MD area? If so please PM me
  13. by   LucasRN
    hi everyone, and good luck with your studies! i recently completed my degree with excelsior and am waiting PATIENTLY for my att letter so i can take my rn boards."wish me luck" anyway excelsior is a great school and i found the advisors to always be extremely helpful, once you submit your application they will let you know what classess/credits you will need to complete, if you are already an lpn you do not have to take nursing concepts 2, my advice is to take advantage of clep exams through your local college for whatever you can , i took a foreign language (humanities), lifespan, intro to psych and intro to soc., this will help you because they are way cheaper(about 60 bucks) than taking them through the college, obviously you have to take the nursing exams through them , english if needed and info lit. you set your own pace for exams and schedule them yourself, you get a free study guide from the school for each exam and you can get alot of books on ebay from former students for way cheap, don't go through a publisher if you don't have to they can be very expensive. be very sure about your decision because it may sound easy but it's not you have to be committed and work hard and still have a life!!!lol. the clinical exam CPNE is super stressful but doable. good luck to all!!