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  1. Our LPN bridge class has to do a project/presentation on the transition to the RN role. A few of us have searched the web, but can't fine anything on it. I don't know if the teacher wants written/printed info or personal info. I really don't think she would care as long as it was innovative. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    How about contacting the Allied Health Division of Colleges and Universities in your State, and see what types of bridge programs (and their content) are available?

    Remember-we are here to help, but not to do your studying for you...
  4. by   colleen10
    I'm thinking you could go into a lot of different directions with this.

    You could look at the differences in licenses and what you would be able to do as an RN compared to LPN. What your new responsibilities are and what role you play on the care team.

    Personnel issues like making the move from LPN to a more supervisory role and decision making role as an RN and how that affects your co-workers. ie. your co-workers and fellow LPN's are now taking orders from you because you are an RN.

    Just a couple ideas to throw around.
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    We had a small textbook for our transition class. To tell you the truth I hardly ever opened it!! I can mail it to you if you want. E-mail me you address if you think you can use it, I won't need it again.