Has anyone heard of Galen health institute???

  1. i think i may have found the answer to my dilema....has anyone heard of galen health institute in tampa florida??
    they have a lpn to rn program...one year...includes all the prereqs i would need like a&p and micro.
    just wondering if anyone out there has heard of them...good or bad...they are a private college...tuition is kinda high, but my dad has offered to pay for it.
    or maybe you could check out their website and let me know what you think
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  3. by   Tweety
    I have a friend going to their Clearwater campus. He's working his butt off and I mean working his butt off. But he's having a positive experience with no regrets.

    Good luck.
  4. by   DUECSON
    My cousin graduated from Galen Health Institute a couple of years ago in St. Petersburg. I called once, but the advisor said that you have to test with them before interviews and getting information. You can hold a license in any state and still go through their program. This is a plus.
  5. by   arvolina
    I just moved from St. Pete, and am about to toss a wet blanket....

    First, check to see what their accredidation status is by now. Last I heard, they were still waiting a year before it was approved. Yeah, that's bad.

    Now... my personal encounters with them is that they did some rotations at my hospital, and frankly, they scared me. They walk onto the floor as LPNs, more or less, but DO NOT TO SHIFT ASSESSMENTS because of the word "assessment". (Remember, according to LPN scope of practice, LPNs don't Assess.) So, I had approx 14 students running around giving my pts meds without documenting, or EVEN checking vitals. There was MORE than one time that I literally took meds out of their hands before they bottomed out one of my pts... and no, these weren't new students, they were within 2 WEEKS of graduation!!!

    So, I propose one of 2 things - either my little LPN education was vastly superior in educating me in common sense, OR, their education process is something to really wonder about...

    Considering that their LPN education was about 12-14K, I think you'd be paying something similar... I used to know what the cost was, but I've forgotten.

    Dig hard into this before you make up your mind.

    Sorry and good luck.
  6. by   jeninbuffalo
    I will soon be starting 3rd quarter at Galen in Louisville, Kentucky...I have been a LPN for 19 years..so getting back into school has been a strugle...It is a excellent program, a little expensive, but if you count that it is only a 1 year program..it is well worth it..It has been the greatest move I have made....
  7. by   SixFtNurse2b
    so where do i look to see if Galen is accredited or not. I plan on taking the LPN to RN at their st pete campus this year. I go in Tuesday to take the entrance exam.
  8. by   Areinn
    Based on the Florida BON, Galen is listed as Provisional.

  9. by   SixFtNurse2b
    so what does the provisional mean?
  10. by   SixFtNurse2b
    ha i just found the answer to my own question lol

    pro-vi-sion-al [color=#116699] [color=#116699][color=#116699] [color=#880000]/prəˈvɪʒənl/[color=#116699] [color=#116699]pronunciation key[color=#880000] - [color=#116699]show spelled pronunciation[color=#880000][pruh-vizh-uh-nl][color=#116699] [color=#116699]pronunciation key[color=#880000] - [color=#116699]show ipa pronunciation[color=#116699]
    [color=#558811]-adjective 1.providing or serving for the time being only; existing only until permanently or properly replaced; temporary: a provisional government. 2.accepted or adopted tentatively; conditional; probationary. 3.(usually initial capital letter) of or being the wing of the irish republican army that follows a policy of violence.
    basically its only temporary
  11. by   flower2007
    Iam starting next month,i heard their program is pretty good
  12. by   Danish
    But their LPN program is listed as Full, so I would think that they are in the process? Make sure you ask these kinds of questions before signing on the dotted line. Find out their pass rate as well.
  13. by   Danish
    Just found out today that next week (first week of 2nd semester) we will have 2 new students joining our class. They are from Galen and left for one reason or another. Ill let you know what they say; they are both going to be in my clinical group :uhoh21:
  14. by   seanc100
    anyone have any more information about this school? Im mainly concerned about the school not being accredited and how that will affect me in the long run. If I decide to be a nurse practitioner or anesthetist will it slow me down?