Anyone finished with finals?

  1. Our final was yesterday for Nur202. Whew, glad this is over for a few weeks.
    Over half our class went in to the final failing. Thank goodness I passed with a B. I will really be suprised if they really fail that many people. I think I can concentrate on making Christmas cookies now!
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    I completed an LVN program in mid October and am studying daily to take the NCLEX-PN on December 28. I haven't been in school in 2 months, so no final exams for me yet.

    Congrats for doing well on your finals!
  4. by   jodyangel
    I just finished my semester taking 4 courses while working fulltime. I only know one of my grades at this A in Socialogy. I am waiting to hear about the other classes, A&P I, Psych and Human Growth and Developement. Im sure glad to have a few weeks off for SURE!
  5. by   fla orange
    Hey Guys, I finished finals today and I'm so happy I don't know what to do with myself. Its going to be so great waking up and not have to go to class or clinicals. I'll be able to watch a movie guilt free. Class begins Jan.11.05, that will be my last semester for the Rn program.
  6. by   FlyingBuddha
    What was great was that my friends and I all scored the highest of our class on the A&P I Finals. I still want to see what I missed. :smackingf See, I knew I shouldn't have slept for two hours.... it was probably the REM/NREM questions. I was jealous that some one experianced those events...
  7. by   luvanurse-tn
    We finished finals last week...thank the lord!!! We now have 41/2 weeks off and this is a much needed break. Had our first round of clinicals this quarter & they were in a nursing home! That was really an eye opening experience, but helped me realize that is not somewhere I want to work again.
  8. by   FlyingBuddha
    It's rough; I preached at a "home" for two years and had people with BM's, episodes (not the one were Lucy bakes the big loaf of bread), and sleepers. The one time I knew it wasn't my preaching that put them to sleep ) I just know as one man said," What I do, I do to buy my parents a house." I'm doing my best to keep my parents from that life, if the need were to arive. In the mean time just remember Col. 3:23, or that Lysol makes you feel like you need to change a bed pan Congradulations luvanurse-tn I would say that your finals were harder than mine :Snowman1:
  9. by   Jessy_RN
    Enjoy your breaks!