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I am interested in what people out there are making per hour as an LPN and also what state you work in. What you started out at after graduation vs. now with some experience would be great too. Thanks a lot for sharing!



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We made more in New York City.

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I am a new grad that just started work in a long term care facility. I got a job offer at a clinic starting at $13 and $16.50 for long term care in Indiana. In Kentucky where I am oringinally from LPN's at hospitals start at $12.36 and at LTC they start at around $13-15. These are just the starting rates. I have only had my license for about 2 weeks!! :yelclap:

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I know this thread is 7 years old , but I'll respond, just for the heck of it.

I received my license in January 2006. My first job was at a smallish nursing home in Bedford, Texas, with a pay rate of $17.75 hourly. I left this place after about 6 weeks.

My next job started me at $18.50 and, after one year, I am earning $19.06 per hour. I am in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas.

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I can't believe this thread was originally posted in December, 1999.

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There is no way an LPN does the same thing as an RN. I have heard a lot of LPN's say that and I refer them to the Nursing Practice Act. Anything else done beyond what's in the practice act is your choice but illegal..


I am a LPN living in virginia an the pay is on a experienced bases for most cases. I have 11years of exp. an I do not except anything under $20.00/HR I am coming from Ca Sandiego area an my rate was $22.00/HR with OVT AFTER 8HRS and must of the time I did 12hr shifts

I worked in Virginia prior to military orders back to California an my rate was $23.00 with shift diff after 8hrs an I worked 12hrs shift

Therefore it varies an you also must know how to sale youself well when interviewing because you will be over worked and underpaid (I only do hospital work but most of the time ER)

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right now i make $17.78 where i work. that was what i was hired in at. that's actually pretty good for around here. in the hospital i would start out at about $12.50. that's ridiculous to me.

I am going back to school because honestly more education is the only way to increase your desire to continue to work in the medical field and pay. I want to give more but Iam limited with a lpn license

I underarand your statement about lpn's not doing the samething as RN's because of our scope of practice which vary in each state but I am confident and competent with my practice as a LPN. I am a vauable resource to my team which include doctor's,NP's,PA's,and RN's. We're a team that work together to provide quality care to our community!!! It's not your title that makes it's the person that makes the title!!!

I live in Nebraska. When I started as an LPN, I was making $8.25/hr. I was hired at the job I'm now at five years ago with a starting salary of 15.25. I now am making about 19.00/hr. From what I read, I'm extremely grateful.

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