how is the LPN market lately

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just wanting feedback if people are having any luck finding LPN jobs.

i think it depends on where you live, but as far as southern california it seems to be a big HELL NO!

not that great in Massachusetts.. Really bad if you're a new grad like me :(

I agree with Cawkazn in Southern California. Extremely limited opportunities here for LVN.

Southern CA, no jobs. No jobs for new LVNs or for LVNs with extensive experience.

Really scary to hear that...I'm just about to sit for the boards. My girlfriend can't even find work and she is an RN. I just got a cna job...guess i'll be doing that for awhile :crying2:

In wisconsin LPN market is ok, if you don't mind LTC. Extremely rough job market for RN new grads in my area though...everyone wants them to have experience. Seeing some of them starting in LTC here, pretty tough for them to get into Hospital settings here without the experience.

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Plenty of jobs in my area of the midwest, BUT, while some employers will settle for one year experience, the good paying jobs require several years of experience in the respective setting.

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