took nclex today

  1. well I took my nclex exam today and I had NO math questions I feel like I failed and to make it worse I had questions on nutrition,meds,prioritizing and a few of the choose all that apply I do not feel good at all ,also some on ortho,renal I feel like I had a piece of everything.Oh yeah and lets not forget the questions that has me assigning work to others.I really think I bombed this one.
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  3. by   Coloradogrl
    Try to keep positive! Some of the test I have taken & thought I bombed I have done the best on I will keep you in my thoughts & JUST TRY TO THINK POSITIVE!
  4. by   Rachel937LPN
    I bet you pass!!! As soon as I walked out of the building after taking the boards I cried. I cried the whole way home surely thinking I failed. I felt like I knew the answers to maybe 10 out of the 85. Then I got my results and I passed!!!!
  5. by   AuntieRN
    Heck I cried as soon as I hit the button to go down the elvator and cried the whole 1 1/2 hours it took me to get home. Mine stopped at 75 questions. I really thought I had blown it. Then I found out the next day I passed. Just keep your fingers crossed and let us know. Good luck to you!!
  6. by   priscilla7424
    Well one more day till i get my test results and I am so nervous i have convinced myself that i have failed when i think back i doubt all my answers.I have studied day and night for the past 8wks but taking the test wasnt anything like i figured it would be.I have already prepared myself to take it again so I'll try and think positive but prepare for the worst.
    thanxs for all the support from everyone
  7. by   EricJRN
    Hang in there, Priscilla! One thing that we discuss all the time on the NCLEX Discussion Forum is that you can't predict pass fail simply from the presence or absence of certain question types (like lots of math or no math). The vast majority of US-educated first-timers do pass though!
  8. by   Mizzyfrufru
    from what i understand it's normal to feel that way. i had 85 questions and while takint it, i was thinking "this really isn't bad" HOWEVER, by the time i got to my car I was freaking out. second quessing myself on everything. i felt sick for 2 days.we have a lot riding on these tests and i believe that makes it so easy for us to beat ourselves crazy over them until/after we get the results. good luck to you! think positive.
  9. by   TheCommuter
    Good luck. I hope you pass!
  10. by   priscilla7424
    :spin: I Passed thanks to all for the words of encouragement and support really appreciated
  11. by   sandiesown
    Congratulations on passing your NClex
  12. by   Mizzyfrufru
  13. by   ggal2933
    Quote from priscilla7424
    :spin: i passed thanks to all for the words of encouragement and support really appreciated
    congrats on passing! i just read your first post on this thread...i took my nclex today and that is exactly how i am feeling right now, not sure if i passed. i had only 1 drug cal question on there and some of the other questions i'm really not to sure about right now. i stopped at 85 but who's to say.
    congrats again!

  14. by   RNHawaii34
    congratulations! I was gonna tell you I felt the same when I took it back in aug. I felt like I was gonna hurl!! but I passed it too! :hatparty: