Starting the LVN program in August and would like prep material...

  1. Hello I'm relatively new to this forum and I recently received my acceptance letter and will be starting the LVN program in August. I would like to be able to prepare now till then. I have purchased a NCLEX PN book and have been glimpsing through it. If you can suggest other material that I should study or brush up on, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   TipToeLPN
    I suggest looking over A&P.
  4. by   Cmcorley
    Quote from lpn2014
    I suggest looking over A&P.
    A & P for sure! medical terminology too! good luck!
  5. by   student forever
    Medical terminology is invaluable, because there will be many times where you can figure out the word by knowing the roots, etc. During tests, it might help you make the right choice!
    Also as has been said: a & P! Also intro to pharmacology, maybe some youtube videos to get familiar with the jargon if you've never had any of that before.
    Can you get any of your books early? That has helped me a lot.
  6. by   soon2benurse85
    Thanks everybody I appreciate the advice! I will definitely start studying up all those subjects and good idea @ student forever...I will definitely look into purchasing my books in advance!
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Find out what classes you are taking and what books you will need and take it from there. Majority programs start out with A&P and Fundamentals I so try and look over those things and congrats on your acceptance
  8. by   CeceStar5
    Make sure get the Saunders NCLEX review book.. Great book to review after your first semester so you get a feel of how the NCLEX tests.
  9. by   soon2benurse85
    @ Diva La Juicy: Thank you! I will definitely do that! @Cece Star 5: I have already purchased the book although I had to stay within my budget so I bought the 3rd edition instead of the 4th but I'm sure it will come in handy either way in being able to rationalize future test questions.
  10. by   CeceStar5
    Great! Seems like your on track..Also start learning timemanagement. I start to get a little tough managing school and life..Good luck..Im sure you will do well
  11. by   soon2benurse85
    Yes... that's where I seemed to of had difficulty doing when I was working and taking prereqs for the nursing program and I was going to school part time then. Not too sure how I am going to do it working and going to school full time. My boyfriend and I have talked and decided that I should go PRN at where I currently work. All I know is it's going to be a long year
  12. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    I have the Saunders Comp Review Nclex pn book 4th edition and I love it as a source for studying Fundamentals, med surg II, my labs, acid-base balances, pharmacology, etc
  13. by   CeceStar5
    I was in the same situation. I worked part-time while I did my LPN. At times it did get rough because sometimes I had to rely on my support systems (family) for money but I made it and so could you.. My program was for 11 months. Every day I thank the lord that I made it through. Good Luck!