Starting April 8th... What do I need to Know?

  1. Hey Ya'll! Hope everyone is enjoying the arrival of Spring.. It snowed here in Ohio yesterday (enough said!) On a lighter note, I have been accepted into the spring LPN term I am super excited because I was a teen mother drop out long story short.. I FIGURED IT OUT! lol So anywho are there any tips, you can share about supplies needed, how to rid first day nerves?? To those who have finished Congrats, to those who are starting Good Luck, and to those dreaming DONT GIVE UP!!!
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  3. by   ILoveHealthCare
    As soon as you get your books start reading! I'm starting my fourth week Monday. Buy a good stethoscope if you have a hard time hearing. I have a littmann classic se ii. Good luck and try not to stress! Enjoy time with family and friends now!

    It's a beautiful day to save lives.
  4. by   Okie36
    I started Jan 7th...if you can get books early do so and start reading...clean your house really good and designate a "study zone". Study everyday and don't cram. If your school requires background check and immunization tracker, do this now! Don't wait for clinicals! If someone offers help with kids,errands etc...take it! If you are fortunate enough to have a pacing calendar, highlite important test dates and due dates. A really good stethoscope is key! Yes, they are expensive but, look at it as an investment into your career! Good shoes are a must! I prefer Danskos Pro XP... Get them NOW and start wearing a little everyday to get break in time before clinicals. Look at local scrub vendors that offer discounts for students.. get a really durable rolling backpack because nursing books are heavy and thick! Get a central family planner and write schedules so that everyone knows what is going on and what will be expected of them. I block one day as a family/personal day... For me it's Saturday. I found that important to prevent burnout but I really hussle every other day so that I can afford that day off. Sleep is key...get your self on a schedule and stay on it! Seriously, just like kids thrive on a schedule, so do nursing students... My classmates that stayed up late and crammed pulled 75-80 on exams... Me and my schedule pulled nothing lower than a 90... And most of all GOOD LUCK!
  5. by   ilidawn
    Definitely invest in a good stethoscope! A big thing is to make sure you keep your mental and physical health a priority because you can't help others when you need help yourself (doing a 12 hour clinical sick is NOT fun or productive lol believe me). Find a few classmates that you get along with and get a support system going. Best of luck!
  6. by   Mschwab316
    Im going to take that advice as well thank you so much!! I start my LPN program April15th!!!!!
  7. by   MrsCuoco
    For the love of all that is Good and Holy...get yourself a voice recorder. I attribute recording lectures to not ever having gotten less than an 83% on any exam so far in school, and I graduate in 52 days.
  8. by   Stethoscopes&Scrubs
    Thank you all for the great Advice!!
  9. by   justme1982
    A good stethoscope and a lot of time to study. I got in the West Virginia L.P.N class January 2 its been a lot of studying. So pray and study a lot. Good luck to you and if you can dream it you can do it.
  10. by   ruizina82
    i just passed my nclex-pn exam and i want to let you know that there was a lot of pharmacology questions. I strongly suggest that as soon as you get your pharm book, read it everyday, know 3-5 medications and their side effects everyday. Also, whatever topic you are studying, REPETITION is the key to make everything stick in the brain. As far as the supplies, other than a good stethoscope, you should get the all colors in one pen (usually has the blue, red, black, green colors) and medical scissors. i hope this helps and Good luck!
  11. by   csoultz
    Our teachers told us on our firt day that we could kiss our social life goodbye and I was like "Oh whatever" being 21 I sure did not want to hear that, BUT they were definately right!!! Im sorry to tell you but for the rest of your nursing school career if you want to do well put your social life on hold. I seriously felt guilty for going to Walmart and grocery shopping. I was like I need to be at home studying! After you get a groove going on you may find so day or so to do a few things.