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So I start LPN school Feb 2013. I'm in an 18 month evening program set to complete Fall 2014. I'm nervous and overjoyed at the same time. This is a second career for me, but I feel like I did... Read More

  1. by   mandasue89
    I started my LPN program the last week of August and just completed my first semester. I will be done in May. The first few months have been a bumpy road with my tears that have been shed but made the Dean's list nonetheless at the college. It's great that you are all starting and Good Luck. Put your best foot forward and don't be a procrastinator. I suggest reading prior to class as well. Clinical's are great and may be a drag at first but it's the best way of learning.
  2. by   paytonw
    I start a 10 month program Jan 2 in Knoxville, Tn. I've got most of my stuff together just waiting on a few books to get here. I don't think I've been this excited to go to school in a long time! Best of luck to everyone!
  3. by   MAtoLVN
    I start March 4th for a 16 month long lvn program in Sacramento. Anyone else going to carrington then?
  4. by   JustLikeYou87
    I start January 8th and will graduate in Dec '13. I'm excited/nervous at the same time. Unfortunately, I dont have my books but I found someone who is going to lend me hers so I can just look them over before school start. I wish everyone the best on their journey!
  5. by   student forever
    I start Jan 7th in pt Charlotte, fl and I have all the books and am ready to go!!
  6. by   Cmcorley
    Hello! I'm starting school Jan 7 in an eleven month school in California. I'had such diverse experiences, all fun mind you but all getting me through till my kids were old enough and I got to go back to become a nurse... Well it's finally my turn! I could not be more ready or excited to do this!!!!! I have to say though, my 16 year old son told me "Mom, school is not as much fun as you think it is"lol Out of the mouths of babes
  7. by   illcleff
    Best of luck to you all. Stay focused.
  8. by   deliathens
    I start Jan 17 and finish in Dec13.. I'm so happy. Can't wait
  9. by   krystibland
    I am starting the LPN program in Alpena, Michigan. It is 2 semesters so I will be done Dec 2013. I will then apply for the RN program which again is 2 semesters and will be done Dec 2014.

    So does anyone else have this schedule or even starting at Alpena Community College?
  10. by   cali_dreams
    Hi! I'm happy to say I am starting a 3 month pre req class next week followed by a 13 month LVN program in the Bay Area through a private school. I decided to go the private route because the wait list are so long in the junior colleges. I just completed a CNA course and it confirmed my desire to enter the nursing field.
  11. by   Kati.E
    I am starting my LVN program on Jan. 7th. Sounds like a lot of people start then I will be going to an adult school for 13 months and I live in the central valley, CA! Good luck to everyone!!
  12. by   shamrokks
    I just wanted to say congrats and good luck to you all. I hope you love it.
  13. by   smcp
    I start in September 2013 does that count?! heheh
    Its my second career as well... terrifying to leave my previous airliner job Ive been at for 8 years to be an unemployed student for a year but bring it on!!
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