LPN Student - First Term almost over, any suggestions???

  1. hello, i'm only 2 weeks away from finishing my first term in a lpn program. this first term has been a bit of an adjustment for me sense i still have to work and i have a family. this term went really fast and i feel like i didn't absorb all that i should. it is a 13 month program, that has my pre-req's included. so it is alot of work. it is 16 credits per term!!!!!!! any ideas or suggestions or study tips.

    lpn student in oregon
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  3. by   lilypad2424
    Just hang in there. Nothing good ever came easy, right? I too am in an LPN program, and I don't have any children. I tell all my girls at school that i don't know how they do it. I notice that it's hard to stay focused toward the end of a semester. When you push yourself to the limit, and do things that are not easy, you become a stronger person for it. Nursing is one of those things that you learn by doing, so....just do it, like Nike. Good luck!
  4. by   cali-nurse07
    congrats!!!! You can do it !! Just hang in there and absorb all that you can. As a nurse you will always be learning so just put your best foot forward. ALWAYS REWARD YORSELF FOR YOUR ACOMPLISMENTS!!!!
  5. by   txspadequeenRN
    I say reward yourself with a pedicure and then get a massage to work out all that tension. Next focus on what is yet to come because during LVN school you are often left feeling like you just didn't get it or you missed something. But toward the end a bright light will come on and it will all come together and make sense. You have not been giving all the information yet to make this adventure make total sense. If you have a break between terms ... spend some time with your family and then yourself..... Good luck to you!!!
  6. by   luv4nursing
    The best suggestion I can give you is to run, dont walk to ur nearest bookstore and buy a copy of Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX PN. That book is more informative than all my LPN texts were combined. It summerizes and outlines in an orderly fashion, each system, disease processes, etc....then goes into a special sections for maternity, peds, etc. Im telling you, this book is a Godsend! I didnt buy it until AFTER the program when I was studying for the NCLEX, but I would suggest any LPN student have this book on hand during school. Each system or area you are working on, take the time to go over that section in the NCLEX review book. It really focuses in on the most important concepts....and I also realized that many many test questions could have been answered just by reading the specific section in the book. You may have to order it online bc they may not have it in the bookstore, but u wont regret it. Im getting ready to start the LPN to RN bridge in January so Im putting Saunders Comprehensive Review for NCLEX RN on my Christmas list! Good luck and hang in there!
  7. by   baylay
    [FONT=Arial Narrow]I've only got 5 wks to go! I started last Jan. My advice for you is to not to panic. That was our motto. You wil get stressed big time! But just hang in there. You can do it. Just study study study! And don't get involved in the "Class Drama." It will get bad the last term.
    Good luck to you. I know it will be well worth it.
    Now on to the NCLEX!

  8. by   mimes7695
    we can do this! we will get thru it together! i understand your frustration cause im right there with you!!! just think hopefully things will get easier in the second term! we will know what to expect when it comes to testing and all that fun stuff... try not to stress and we can get thru this.. together!!!
  9. by   sunflowerLPVN
    i also went through 13mo's program,pre-reqs included. if you can make it first term, you're in a good shape, however it will be getting tough and harder, study group might help, i prefer to study alone, attend class daily(yes it counts,everybody knows!) , and try not to work if you don't have to, i had to work and i passed all my classes just enough to pass!, i regret it,i know i could've done better w/ more studying time, so don't do it! aim for above passing grades! some of my classmates were failing bcos their grades were just not enough to pass, which is sad! so study hard and enjoy your nursing school! umpiron:
  10. by   AmyORlpn
    thank you to all who replied and gave me some good suggestions.
    i appreciate all of the help that i can get.

    lpn student in oregon
  11. by   Jules A
    I thought the first semester was the worst because of the stress of learning to "get with the program" there were the politics, quirks etc. to figure out along with all the work. I'm an older student and learning that mandatory schedule changes were just a part of life was difficult for me. The second semester was cake, imo, and the last one, even though they threw a ton of work our way was when we had our second wind, no way we were going to quit/flunk now so it wasn't too bad. Hang in there, I'd say the worst is over. Jules
  12. by   Dabuggy
    I agree with the post on getting a NCLEX-pn book and start to review what it has. They have an NCLEX made easy book also that breaks things down very well. You may find it easier to view them at you library instead of buying them.

    Also, ask your instructors to give you as many samples of pt priority as they can. Which pt to treat first and why.