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Hi guys! I am taking the entrance exam for the LPN program at ES BOCES in 11 days. I have been studying a lot but I'm still really nervous about the math section. Can anyone give me some examples of... Read More

  1. by   Stethoscopes&Scrubs
    I didn't take the TEAS but I took the HESI, and I worked myself up for nothing, I rushed threw it within 30 minutes (the clock was set to the wrong time and I thought I only had 30min. left to test, wasn't exactly the most relaxing time that's for sure) and I passed it with flying colors.. Just brush up on basic math a lot of fractions!!! I know its easier said then done but don't stress out!! I prayed on my way there (which isn't unusual lol) I actually forgot to put the car in park, and when I went to pay I just handed the lady all of my money because I couldn't count it and was shaking so much.. but once I sat down, by the grace of God I was suddenly really calm!
  2. by   santana_cater
    I passed guys! 90 in reading and 80 in math! My interview is set for April 26. Any advice? What do I need to take? Thanks for everything!
  3. by   loveoverpride
    Aww yay! Congrats! both of you! (stethoscopes&scrubs, I'm pretty certain that's how I'll be too, except knowing be I'll somehow park in front of a hill or something & it will inevitably go rolling down! haha)
  4. by   loveoverpride
    & I just realized my test is in a little over a week...ahhhhhhhhhh!!!
  5. by   HeatherMax
    Mine is the 11th, I am already starting to flip out.
  6. by   loveoverpride
    Oh man, I was soooo close to scheduling the 11th too,lol but at the last min, I just went w/ the 6th. I def wish I choose the 11th now lol. I'm grateful for any extra time at this point haha
  7. by   Stethoscopes&Scrubs
    LoveoverPride* hahaha I was a nervous mess that's for sure! Good Luck let us know how it goes
  8. by   I ❤️ Nursing
    If I remember correctly, you have to have the rest of your paperwork which they should've told you what that was when they told you that you passed and the two references. You get interviewed by one of the instructors. Dress nicely and be prepared to answer a few ethical questions. It's pretty quick and then they will tell you if you qualify for part time nights or full time daytime if your grades were high enough so be ready to make that decision at the interview.
  9. by   loveoverpride
    Didn't go so well =( I missed a good portion of the math questions (my comp repeatedly logged out, like a good 8 times during the test) and while it says it "immediately" saves your time & doesn't penalize you, I def lost a few seconds each time (which eventually adds up) The proctor was awesome about it (each time it happened,I got her she would fix it for me) but it ruins your "momentum" & makes it harder to concentrate, especially if your in the middle of a question (like I usually was) and it does that. In the end, I only ended up completing 26 questions on the math section (out of 34) and I guessed at question numbers 26-29(I realized I was running out of time so I figured that was my best option, but of course it logged me out just as I had 13 seconds left, so by the time I had logged back in I could only "guess" at numbers 26-29, before my time completely ran out. So given that a good 5 weren't answered at all and I had to just put anything for questions 26-29(another 4 questions) that adds up to 9 wrong already, and I don't think I got every question right for the first 26 I did (even if I only got 4 out of those 26 questions wrong "tech" I fail)

    So in conclusion I bombed the test & don't have the money (especially because I bought a bunch of study guides) to take another one and my dream of going to this school has been flushed down the toilet =( It was literally one of the worst days of my life. Funny thing is I studied so hard & was actually doing pretty good at Math (my worst subject) I was only getting 3 or 4 wrong tops on the practice test I was doing (in one of the books I got)
  10. by   I ❤️ Nursing
    Don't get too discouraged until you hear the official pass or fail. You don't need 100% to get in. If your grades weren't that good you may only have the option to do the part time evening class. Wait to hear your results first.
  11. by   HeatherMax
    Have a cup of tea, and relax. Until you get the final say from the school, all is not necessarily lost. Good Luck!
  12. by   loveoverpride
    Aww thanks, you both are very sweet <3 I've been trying to keep my mind off of it, but its on my mind almost every second lol. I really need to learn how to "whooo-saaa", I just want it sooo bad.

    *HeatherMax-I know your test is coming up in a few days, I wish you the best of luck =)
  13. by   sr20alex
    Hey "loveoverpride",

    I'm sorry to hear about your test, keep your head up and maybe what you got finish is good enough to pass! Quick question how was the math portion like? Was it super hard/intense? Or was it really like what people say, just basic math. My test is next week (April 18th) i'm getting more nervous each day. I went over the TEAS test study booklet and it was pretty much a breeze, nothing extremely hard. Hoping that it is enough.