LPN Duties for the Day

  1. What does a lpn that works in a hospital do on daily basis
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  3. by   Gr4ceffa
    NurseRen Lawrence,

    LPN's who work in hospitals and private clinics are typically required to perform the following job duties: Planning and managing patient care according to each patient's needs. Interviewing patients and recording their medical history. Obtaining patient vital signs and escorting patients to their rooms. It depends what hospital you work at, and what unit you're working on.
  4. by   meanmaryjean
    Very few hospitals in my area employ LPNs at all for inpatient work. They work mostly LTC and clinics and PDN.
  5. by   Earth Angel
    So when a LPN goes to work at a hospital are they given a to do list or schedul for the day or they find something to do that they learned in school
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    You can find this information on many job listings on employment websites. Some job descriptions are more detailed than others but they are all there.
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    Weren't you exposed to any of this in your school clinical placements? Are you even a nurse? If not, you can't use the term in your screen name per the terms of service on this site.
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    I just stared my nursing course
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    Quote from NurseRen Lawrence
    I just stared my nursing course
    Then you need to remove "Nurse" from your username.

    When a LPN goes to work, she is given her patient assignment, she then does whatever the patient has ordered and has need of, unless it is specifically forbidden by her state's nurse practice act.

    You will learn all about this in nursing school. I suggest you focus on your classes now and not what you might have to do on a job until you have your license. By that time, it will be very clear to you.
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    Lpn don’t work in hospital in central NJ either. They work in home care, doctors offices, and nursing homes.
  11. by   lindseylpn
    Where I'm at LPNs still work in hospitals but, not as much as RNs. In TN lpns have a wide scope of practice. At one hospital in my town LPNs take their own patient load and at the other hospital they do team nursing, where an LPN and an RN take patients together. Most LPN jobs though are in clinics, LTC, assisted living, home health, private duty, group homes etc.
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    lpns at my hospital can do every thing but hang blood. lpn students even do clinical here