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  1. 3rd Job interview and waiting (again). What should I do?

    It never hurts to call your employer up and ask if there is still any interest in you, it shows you are still interested in the job and wondering if there is any improvement or progress on the process.
  2. LPN not doing her job

    Unfortunately, you will work with people who don't take their jobs as seriously as you take yours. Did she ever end up giving your patient his/hers medications? I would talk with her in private before reporting her.
  3. CNA

    There's no such thing as a "CNA Nurse". I assume you just mean being a CNA. Schooling is different for everyone, as nobody has the same comprehension skills or the same knowledge. It is MUCH more easier than nursing school would be. CNA school is ver...
  4. Can I be a nurse?

    Gayil, Why couldn't you become a nurse? Enroll in a good college and get started!
  5. Bad messed up

    pcbeachbum, I would think even with a lawyer, you won't get too far. You were caught stealing drugs which aren't yours, which is huge.
  6. Career Change, is nursing for me?

    MedBiz410, It's possible to have a full time job and be in nursing school, you will legit have zero free time and go from work to school to study, it's possible, but would I do nursing school with a full time job? No thank you.
  7. Am I able?

    Nurse_soon, It's difficult, everyone can agree on that, but the severity of he difficulty depends on you and how well you are able to keep up/do the work. Just make sure you put 110% into nursing school and learn how to study, study, and study a litt...
  8. What school has no pre reqs for LVN classes

    Shantal davis, I would think every school has pre-reqs.... could be wrong, contact your local schools, we don't know where you live or the schools around your area.
  9. Applying to take the CNA test with record in CA

    hiimanurse, Depends on the schooling policy, but they normally don't prefer "criminals", but acceptions could be made. If your lawyer informed you of an informal diversion, how is the misdemeanor showing up/how are they finding out?
  10. LPN Duties for the Day

    NurseRen Lawrence, LPN's who work in hospitals and private clinics are typically required to perform the following job duties: Planning and managing patient care according to each patient's needs. Interviewing patients and recording their medical his...
  11. I want to become a CNA

    Jaida, Typical work day is preforming tasks that your patients cannot do themselves & make their ends meet. The work schedule is different, depending where you live and what facility you work for, contacting them is the best to get that question ...
  12. What do I do on my first day training as a CNA?

    thelifeofamy, Your job will not provide scrubs unless told so by your employer. I would show up in scrubs that you purchase yourself. A call to your employer never hurts.
  13. 1 yr Peds experience - wanting to travel

    kristyg123, It's pretty common actually, to leave with 1yr experience but it all depends on the recruiter and his/hers/the companies preference on experience. But if you feel as though you're all set, contact a recruiter in your area and get started!
  14. Meds tech

    Queeniepf, Well, it's hard to tell you what hours you will make without information. You could just ask some LTC facilities around you that you're interested in working in and asking them how many hours you will do..
  15. Nursing in the Air Force interest

    Nineteen19, I hope a moderator moves this into the Government / Military nursing forum to get you more responses. I believe the age requirement for the Air Force at least is 39 years old. I'm almost certain you will have to do your schooling on base,...