In LPN school full-time when u have children?????? - page 3

Hi, i am 23 years old,married, and have 1 child thats 6 months old, iam starting LPN school soon and was wondering if it is doable with a kid???My program is from 9-5pm, i dont work iam a stay at... Read More

  1. by   fultzymom
    Nursing school with kids is able to be done. When I started for my LPN I had one kid. She was 2. By the time I finished my RN I was pregnant for my third child. And I was working part-time. It is a hard juggling act but if you have a good husband who supports you in what you want to accomplish and someone good to watch the kids you can do it. My mom and my husbands step-mom helped me with the kids. And when they couldn't anymore my pastor's wife watched them for me. Good luck and keep your head up! You can do it!
  2. by   Caffeine_IV
    Most of the people in my PN class had children..some were married a few weren't like me. I'm 22 single mom of a 9month old. I started the program when I was 7mths preg. in March 2006 and didn't stop until I finished the program Dec 2006. I passed my NCLEX as well and am very happy I pushed on through. It's is hard and I didn't get much sleep but I made it through. Good luck and you will be so proud of yourself when you are finished.