I Passed The Boards!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I passed umpiron: :smiley_aa . I took my boards on Thursday Nov 09, and the test stopped at 85 questions. I didn't know what to think. I got my unofficial results yesterday stating that I passed. Today when I got my mail there was a letter from the state also stating that I passed. To make it that much sweeter, my husband's aunt , who is a Nurse Practitioner called and told me to call a local hospital because she spoke to someone about giving me a job working in a neurology floor!!!!! I'm so elated. It seems as if all my goals are falling into place and it even came with a little bonus ( the job offer). Good Luck to everyone taking future NCLEX's and study hard until you believe within yourself that you are absolutely ready. God Bless Everyone
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    Congratulations :hatparty:
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    [FONT=Fixedsys] :spin: :kiss :smiley_aa :beercuphe :beercuphe :bowingpur !!!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!
    [FONT=Fixedsys]Best of luck to you in your new career.
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    :caduceus: CONGRATULATION!!!! :caduceus:
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    Congratulations Nurse. :roll
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    Awesome! Congrats!
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    Congratulations! I am sure you have worked very hard for this! Good luck in your future in all you do!!!