I got into LPN program-what to expect first weeks??

  1. Hi! Just wanted to share my excitement of acceptance into Lpn program!! I took the entrance exam in April and did my interview several weeks later.....so I feel like I was waiting FOREVER to know if I was accepted or not!!!
    I start on January 22 and want to know what to expect first weeks of class?? I recieved my books today and was fitted for uniforms..
    I am so excited :spin:
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  3. by   TheCommuter
    Congratulations on gaining acceptance into an LPN program.

    Since all programs are differently structured, you won't know what to expect during those first few weeks. Some LPN programs cover basic anatomy and physiology during that time, whereas other programs cover basic nursing skills and the history of nursing over the first few weeks of school.
  4. by   Jules A
    Congratulations! We pretty much launched right into Foundations for lecture and the basic clinical skills like bed baths and vitals during clinicals since we all had A&P 1/2 and Micro as pre-reqs. Best wishes. Jules
  5. by   bethinct
    Thanks!!! I am so excited!!!
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    Sounds exciting.....you should be starting clinicals after 3 weeks or so. beginning always handles basics...washing hands, Blood Pressure....you guys might even do a class trip.

    Best Of luck to you
  8. by   pagandeva2000
    Each school is structured differently, but I would expect to start Fundamentals of Nursing and learning basic clinical skills such as handwashing, positioning, bathing and such. If you had to take pre-requisites (such as anatomy) before starting the nursing program, then, this is the usual direction I have seen things go. You must begin to utilize time management, because it is a very fast paced program that seems to wait for no one. Get plenty of rest, and save party time after exams. If there are any leeches...meaning friends that will distract you...give them the speech and leave them alone early in the game because there will be no time for them. Congrats and best wishes in your new endeavor!!
  9. by   jimthorp
    Congratulations! Expect to be overwhelmed with work. The material isn't difficult but the volume is tremendous. We were given 14 chapters the first week. The first couple clinical days were spent in lab learning basic CNA level skills.
  10. by   bethinct
    THanks everyone!! I am really excited to start on January 22
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    Congrats!! I hope and pray I get into my Lvn Program!!!
  12. by   lisakudo
    Can anyone help name some lpn/lvn schools in DC/MD or NY?
  13. by   pagandeva2000
    Quote from lisakudo
    Can anyone help name some lpn/lvn schools in DC/MD or NY?

    In New York:

    Medger Evers Community College
    LaGuardia Community College
    Nassau BOCES
    Bronx Community College

    Good Luck!!!
  14. by   blueberrybon
    Our first quarter we covered basic structure and function of the human body, basic skills lab, and clinicals in a local nursing home. Our very first class covered study tips which I poo-pooed but now wish I had taken more seriously. I would have to say my best advice to anyone just starting out is: If at all possible set aside a particular time each day to study. Try to make it a habit even if you are just reading an article about nursing. But use that time each day.

    My study habits got sloppier and sloppier throughout the year, which made life more stressful!

    I finished the whole LPN program with a 3.4 GPA, but you would never know it from my study habits and stress level.

    The absolute best of luck to you.