Have you ever caught someone cheating?

  1. Earlier this week I saw someone cheating on a A&P test. It started on Monday when I noticed she had her cell phone in her lap during a test, I figured she was just texting or something. It is against school policy to have your phone in class. Wednesday I noticed she would look at her cell phone then fill-in an answer on the test. On Thursday we had a hour of study time before the test and I noticed her looking at her study guide then type something in her phone. Once again during the test she would look at her phone then fill-in an answer on the test. What would you do? Would you say something to her? Would you say something to the instructor? I know that right now it's my word against hers but maybe if I told the instructor they can catch her. My problem is if they tell her that I'm the one that told and she continues in the program it will be an uncomfortable situation for the next 17 months.
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  3. by   irisheyesRsmilin
    Personally, for a cheater like this who is doing it every time, I would write my professor a note with the info you shared, and not sign it.
    It is your word against theirs, but in this case the professor would be aware that something is maybe fishy with this particular student and watch them closely next test.
  4. by   I♥Scrubs
    I would say something to the professor. It's not fair to you or your classmates. And it means they aren't retaining information and they could hurt someone in clinical because they aren't doing what they are supposed to be doing and they are cheating so they really aren't helping anyone. It sure as heck won't help them once they take their boards.
  5. by   Halcyonn
    Write an anonymous letter stating what you saw take place.

    It's incumbent upon the instructor to watch for cheating during an exam. Hopefully your letter is a wake up call for them.
  6. by   Twinkle007
    Make her blush
    I would write an incognito/unsigned note directly to her ,saying smthg like : 'hey did you know that when you keep the phone on your lap during the test you might accidently drop it when you'll hear me screaming: stop cheating da'aaling!'

    BTW-- she cheats on herself because one day she will have to do some other test and she will flunk them badly
  7. by   Philly_LPN_Girl
    Ive caught plenty of peope in my class cheating looking off of other's exams, having phones, cheat sheets, etc BUT, I have never said anything to anyone because it is not my business, cheating your way through school will not work out in the long run however, if I seen someone cheating on every last exam while I am sitting here studying and busting a sweat and working hard, then I would leave an anonymous note on the teacher'e desk so that she may be aware, please keep us updated
  8. by   Tflowers34907
    I have to agree with everyone else. It's an integrity issue. If she wants to be a nurse, she should study harder. Maybe you can offer to be her study buddy so she will stop cheating. If she kept on cheating, I would leave a nice little anonymous note for the teacher and keep on studying solo. Besides, I don't think they would say who told. The situation would be more uncomfortable for her than you because she would be the one facing getting kicked out of school or having to play catch up. Just do what you think is right.
  9. by   nguyency77
    Quote from Tflowers34907
    Maybe you can offer to be her study buddy so she will stop cheating.
    I actually think this would make things worse. Given that the student is allegedly already a dishonest person, she will probably end up leeching off the OP and/or getting the OP in trouble--guilt by association. I would stay far away from this person.

    Nursing school doesn't start until January, but I've already seen tons of cheating in microbiology and pathophysiology. Cheat sheets, iPads, phones, etc. I could've said something, but I didn't need to; those people were already caught because the instructors at my school aren't idiots. I just wait it out. They all get caught eventually.
  10. by   CallieNM
    I would definitely not offer to be study buddy with them. Don't get caught up in it. We have a few people in our class that have cheated and I would hate to be associated with them just because once they are caught, and they will most likely be caught, I do not want any association with them- it's simple for them to point the finger to you also!! Stay away.

    I would give the teacher a heads up for sure. An anonymous note on the teachers desk or even letting another faculty member know so they can pass it on to your instructor. Maybe an advisor or the director of the program. I am sure they would understand- I am positive they didn't get to where they are with cheating!

    Good luck my fellow nursing student! Whatever the outcome- keep your head up!
  11. by   rubato
    We had a cheater in my CNA course. I didn't turn him in until the 3rd test. In fact, we all turned him in. He came back into the room after talking to the professor and threw things against the wall. He had to retake the test and did very poorly. Sorry, but you're not going to pass a class with my answers. Get your own!
  12. by   VickyRN
    Let the instructor know anonymously.
  13. by   CT Pixie
    There was one particlar student who comes to mind. She would use her cell phone which she had on her lap. (I had noticed what looked like her cell phone in her lap in a class we had, had together prior to this class. I wasn't 100% it was a cell phone since I was quite a distance from her, so I didn't want to go to the teacher at that time and make false accusations. What I observed was her put her head down looking into her lap, and then write and answer down) Several of us realized what was going on in our class. Slowly, one by one several of us who were seated around her noticed what was going on. We confronted the instructor with what we had all observed (over several tests). Because the instructor did not witness it with her own eyes, nothing could be done...it was our word against hers. Two things...Umm, ok. Did we NOT have to sign a paper on the policy of cheating? And did that NOT include a statement that said, if another students is aware of cheating and does not report it to the instructor, that student was just as guilty as the one cheating?!And there was a college wide BAN on cell phones out during tests/quizzes etc (they even went as far as NO hats or head coverings and no water bottles etc on the desk b/c previous students had been caught writing answers in the brim of the hat and wrote info on water bottles! I hear she was finally caught red handed and removed from the program. She was notorious for cheating in ALL her classes and finally got nailed on it.

    I guess once the teacher was put on notice by the other students, all her teachers kept an eagle eye on her without being obvious and they were finally able to witness the cheating with their own eyes.

    Another particular student had a brilliant way to cheat if I'm going to be honest. Again, we confronted the teacher and nothing was done because that teacher didn't witness it. She is still in the program.

    It's ridiculous to have an academic cheating policy that requires a student who observes another cheating to report it (and face reprocussions if you knew and said nothing) and when you do, you are poo-poo'd and told the teacher has to see it.

    You can report it and hope that with the information the teacher is put on notice and knows to keep an eye on that student.
  14. by   ElizaW
    Most of my class cheated and the school tolerated it. We had a take home final in one class and 99% of the students checked their answers against each other. The scores were unusually high for that class. I'm amazed that the administration didn't get wind and put the entire lot on probation. And no, I didn't turn anyone in.