Embarrassed to even post this.

  1. I'm still on the fence about enrolling in the lpn program and the main thing that is holding me back is the math. From my research my program is 1yr long at a Vo Tech type school and you don't need pre required classes to start. This is something ill need to take a loan out for so I need to make sure I can do this. Now for the embarrassing part.....

    When I was in high school I had a lot of trouble with math and they put me in the "slower math classes" I'm not sure the correct term for it but needless to say I learned nothing there because my teacher would hand me her grade book and class work and I would grade papers for her and she would give me a grade that way. She did this with a lot of students...she never got up and taught class. Here is what I do know.. Addition..subtraction...multiplication and division. Long division is tricky for me but I'm working on that.

    I'm willing to learn but I want to make sure that it is something I will be able to learn and not fail at because these loans aren't cheap. I was reading about lab values and I was completely lost!

    I guess I'm just looking for advice if you all that have been through it think i can get through the program or if I'm just too dumb and should try. Feel free to let me know if I'm not smart enough...I need honest feedback. Thanks
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  3. by   amelia_sn
    Do not be embarrassed! It takes serious courage to admit you've got difficulty with learning a certain subject!

    I do not think that your lack of mathematical ability should turn you away from such an amazing career. I too, am terrible with match. While I'm great with the basics, fractions have always been hard for me and that is what I had the most trouble with when I took my pre-req courses. I still have trouble with them, but if you can learn to apply the math to the situation (drug dosages and such) then it can become easier.

    Personally, I went out and picked up a 'math made easy' book and a few math books that are geared toward middle school/high school students to help myself out with the basics. It's really helped me so far

    Again, please don't let it hold you back. Yes there is plenty of math in nursing, but there is MUCH more!
  4. by   NoWomanNoCry
    Thank you so much for you're encouraging words! It was very hard to post this but I knew I needed to be honest with my post to get good feedback.

    I will look into math books to help me!
  5. by   slinkingduck22
    I feel the same way. Never took any math classes beyond basic math. I am nervous to try and take test.
  6. by   Trillion
    I thought I was terrible in math until I did my prerequisites for nursing school. Once I got past the mental block, I realized (with shock) that I kinda liked math. I've always loved puzzles, reading music and learning languages. And that is what math is: symbolism and puzzles. I don't know if what I'm saying is of any use to you, but I can relate to your post, FWIW. Get a super basic math for nurses book and just plod through it on your own time, outside of class. This will build your confidence. Who knows, you may find you actually like it!
  7. by   lindseylpn
    I'm terrible at math too but, I made it through. :-) at my school they gave tutoring and let us take every test twice and then they'd pick the best grade. The teachers taught us in a way too that seemed easier to understand.
  8. by   NoWomanNoCry
    Thanks for the advice! Maybe I'm over thinking things. I graduated HS in 02 and my Jr year I was in the CNA program. It was a 2 yr program through my school and I did really well and passed. I never practiced as a cna due to moving out of state as soon as I got out of HS. I don't remember a lot of math being involved in that program but I know lpn program will have it and I'm not the type of person that wants to just know enough just to pass the class I want to really know this stuff so I'm confident in my ability to work. Hope that made sense lol!
  9. by   RLtinker
    To be honest, the math we do in nursing school is basic algebra, but the pre-req math wasn't. You need a grasp of the basics before you can do college level algebra. However, most schools have placement tests and they will place you in right level math class and you will have to to work up to whatever pre-req math your school requires. Unfortunately, this is an expensive option.
    My suggestion is to search the web for math tutorials and practice questions. Practicing will make you better. There are a ton of websites out there that are just tutorials and practice questions.Secondly, youtube. Just about any subject that you can think of a youtuber has probably made a video about and that includes math. Third, ask your school about tutoring and math labs. Most schools have an open lab where you can bring in a questions and they will help you with the steps. Usually, in the same general area they can help you get in contact with tutors. Typically, the math lab service is free, but tutors are not. And once you think you are ready take your schools placement test.
  10. by   iluvivt
    Learn the metric system as well that will help immensely since most calculations will use that system.
  11. by   LoriRNCM
    I am a terrible math student, historically. However, I passed Math for allied health with an A, so maybe my math phobia is the negative mantra I always have playing in my head that I "can't do this, I'm not good at math". Nursing math is based on a lot of dosage calculations using dimensional analysis, and I prefer the ratio/proportion method. I'm scared of dimensional analysis. I do have a book recommendation for you that I absolutely LOVE. I have tried several books to get me prepared, and I like "Medical Dosage Calculations for Dummies". LOVE this book. You can do this, if I can do it, then anyone can do it!!!!
  12. by   Esme12
    I was reading about lab values and I was completely lost!
    This isn't the math you need to know.....I think you'll do fine you just need to be shown how.
  13. by   PersistentNS
    If you want some online help, Khan Academy has basic skills sections. There are step by step video lessons and tests to see how much you've learned. It might be helpful to see how they do things.
  14. by   Pink Magnolia
    I'm sure that teacher has been fired by now with the new Common Core Standards and the new teacher evaluations being implemented!

    Anyway, I have found a wonderful tool that I used to use for my kids. What I love about the website is that it goes up to algebra 1 & 2 and actually models the skill. After you pick a section, it will ask you a question. Try to answer it. If you get the answer wrong, it will show you how to do it using a visual and explanation. I hope this helps you.

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