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With the pitiful retention rates of the RN and the LPN having everything "crammed" together, Im really beginning to wonder if the average person can pass the LPN course. I dont mean a slacker, I mean... Read More

  1. by   Butterflybee
    Ok, point well made...but what about the medical math calculations that you MUST pass with a 100 or 95. THAT is what has me worried. How did the C student make out? or rather how was that for you. You made it through, you have my respect. Im just wondering and prob stressing too. thank you all.
  2. by   Angels'
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    I wish, and have prayed, for you to pass your exam, that you do well in and enjoy your nursing career

    All these posts are so beautifully encouraging. Thank you so so very very much.

    A pre-nursing student, :Melody:

    "Footsteps In The Sand" :heartbeat
  3. by   TheCommuter
    There's an old saying I've heard from time to time: "The 'C' students make the greatest nurses."
  4. by   OLLY1969
    thanks for the encourgement, because I too thinking of becoming a LPN after I retire out of the miltary.
  5. by   nursealbanese
    I am currently enrolled in an LPN program in the state of PA. Our institution won't pass you unless you have an 80 %. I believe that could be a B or a C depending how they graded by percentage. More Importantly is the percentage rather than the grades a, b, c. Also one thing you may want to remember, if you are being funded financially through an state grant, fed grant or a private funding source Most require that you maintain a certain grade point average. I personally don't believe squeeking by on a c average will help you pass the nyclex. If you aren't doing well in the course, that is reflected in your test grades. My advice would be to study regularly, and use the resources that the school or institution offers as far as extra help or tutoring. Of couse some people are retaining the knowledge but just aren't good test takers, and In that event some study skills classes or test taking classes may benefit you. This is just my personal opinion and experience.
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  6. by   mrscableman
    my classes philosophy is WHAT IS A NURSING STUDENT WHO GRADUATES WITH A "C"

    A NURSE.

    as far as the math part if ya can just remember dosage ordered devided by dosage on hand multiplied by the volume you shouldnt have much to worry about lol

    dosage ordered
    ______________ X volume/ml= amount given
    dosage on hand

    this calculation is for adults but for the kids it is just as easy I think anyway just 3 formulas you have to remember.

    and in fractions divide the top number by the bottom number and u get the answer our instructor lets us use a calulator too that also helps.

    our grading scale

    below 77 you fail

    I have failed a few exams, but have ended up with at least a B in the specific part we were in

    anatomy is lots of memorization the rest to me at least is fairly easily learned
    I was terrified of Pharmacology but ended with a 92 only because it was mostly calculations and memorizing some drugs and their effects and im not talkin bout individual drugs but more like drug classifications ie: antiinfectives
    instead of each drug like z-pac or penicillin.

    we are now in OB and so far so good, definetly have to study this section alot harder than what i thought it was gonna be. I had 3 kids thought i knew alot lol well boy did the whole class learn on the very first exam. class average was 82 a C thank god for bonus points lol I ended up with 92 on that test but a big one on monday and im scared lol

    anyway not sure if I helped or hindered just my experience

    SPN graduate June 06 wohooooooooooooooooooooooooo half way over
  7. by   GooeyRN
    You can do it. In high school I got mostly B's since I didn't care too much about school at the time. The LPN program I attended wasn't difficult, but demanding. Same with the RN program I attended. There is so much work to be done in so little time, thats what makes it seem difficult. The math is not that bad at all. I am horrible in math. If you can get through a VERY basic algebra course you can get through the math with no difficulties. I think it is determination that gets you to your nursing goals. Btw, I was a straight A student in nursing school, because I applied myself unlike in high school.
  8. by   Butterflybee
    We have not begun the math yet. I am preparing for it though. We have 3 chapters to study for an upcoming test. It is slow going because it is only 10 questions so it can be anything. Of course, we must get at least a 75. I appreciate the math method. I will copy that and use it. Funny thing, now my family keeps calling and interrupting my studying continuously. thanks guys, wish me well. I will remember you too in my thoughts and prayers.
  9. by   yankeesrule
    I think its possible. IF the average student wants "it bad enough" I called my dad up crying and upset because I wanted to get an A so bad. HE told me " BAbygirl, when you become a nurse noone cares weather you had A,b or c's just that you got you liscense that says your a nurse. " so if you want it bad enough an average student can do it.
    As far as the math part i think alot of hoopla is built up to it. As the school i went to you had to pass the math part or else. With that they made sure all of us passed it. YOu make it that far it will come to you. You really need to learn a few equations that will work for all. Just take your time and check your math. If you need a tutur dont be bashfulask for one. Good luck.
  10. by   AC439
    Yes, you can do it. I don't agree with the way most nursing schools run their classes (grade driven, which turn away many good caring students). Nursing education has been greatly distorted. We don't need arrogant people to come into nursing. We need those have a caring attitude (please read "caring", not gossiping). The grades don't matter much if the individual does not show a bit of passion for people. I grad from an LPN school and that was my worse educational experience in life. Yep, it was grade driven and full of arrogant, judgemental, immature and gossiping (not people caring)students. However, due to the political reason, they all being praised to be top students. Students from other nursing schools told me similar stories so everywhere is the same. I rather work with caring people than those claim to be "know it all".

    But if you have good memory, you can do it. LPN level doesn't require strong knowledge of how things work but only require you to remember the facts. LPN courses are too short anyway for students to spend time to understand the logic so memorization is possibly the only way (for most people) to pass. Because of the massive material to be covered, you may see some cheatings in a class. However, your ethics should tell youself NOT to do it. Yes, you will study you butt off and may not get a better grade than those cheaters but you maintain your integrity!

    Again, you can do it !
  11. by   MDSlady
    Yes, an "average" student can be a good nurse. Remember, anybody can be book smart and common sense stupid. An "A" in the classroom does not mean you will be a good nurse, it's what you do on the floor that counts. Relax, and you will do fine if this is your true love. Remember, if you love what you do, you will do fine in whatever you do.
  12. by   TheCommuter
    Quote from AC439
    I grad from an LPN school and that was my worse educational experience in life. Yep, it was grade driven and full of arrogant, judgemental, immature and gossiping (not people caring)students. However, due to the political reason, they all being praised to be top students. Students from other nursing schools told me similar stories so everywhere is the same. I rather work with caring people than those claim to be "know it all".
    Bingo. You hit the nail on the head exactly.

    My experience in LVN school was strikingly similar to your aforementioned experience. The 'top students' consisted of a group of immature people who endlessly gossiped, lacked people skills, and earned spots on the high honor roll due to empty memorization.

    I can vividly recall an experience that occurred during a clinical rotation. One of these so-called 'top students' was assigned to a patient with a ruptured oviduct due to ectopic pregnancy. This student asked, "They're gonna save the baby, aren't they?"

    Other students began to roll their eyes at her because they knew that these types of pregnancies never result in viable fetuses. Strangely enough, this 'top student' had received an 'A' grade on her reproductive test but didn't know that ectopic pregnancies almost never see full term.
  13. by   palma
    I was an average student and I passed my
    boards with no problem. As others have posted
    on this thread, the goal is to PASS and to try
    and gather as much clinical experience/
    exposure while you are still a student. Once
    you have that license in your hand, you
    have reached your goal! I organized study
    groups in school and in spite of 3 children,
    a husband and working part time, I did
    pass and earned my license! Try not to
    get discouraged! You can be an average
    student and a GREAT nurse!