Yay I passed the CA boards - page 2

i just got my results today. it took 3 weeks and 6 days for good ol' california results! now its time to get a job! :lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2::lol2:... Read More

  1. by   NICUrn2B
    congratulations!!!!!!!! you rock!

  2. by   metalhead
    congrats soon i will pass...hopefully :spin:
  3. by   SAHMU4IA
    UM. Great screen name...not offensive at all...
  4. by   DivaNurse2007
    Great Job Nurse. Mine took that long to get back too.
  5. by   caliotter3
  6. by   lavender rose
    Quote from 2bLVNgino
    CONGRATSS!! What did u use? I need help i still haven't passed yet...took it 3 times.
    I am glad you are sticking in there after 3 times..but yes it takes alot of strength and patience to keep trying and not giving up. I took it a couple of times. I did alot of questions on the CD. I read the rational even on the ones I got right. I did the quizez to see what my percentage was and kinda see where I was at. Know your labs. Can't stress that enough cause you know when they start asking on labs and if one does not know one of them or 2 it could cost you the question. Of course no one can possibly know all the meds. Just have a feel for all the Cardiac, Diabetic....ect the main ones for each category. Read the question, read the answer and read the question again then start answering. Try to narrow it down. get rid of the ones that do not make sense . Imagine yourself in the situation doing what the question says. Would you do what letter b said-- yes or no. Just some helpful stuff to add on.